Veggie Meals, Bitter Chanteuses, & Going Back To Cali…

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I just finished an avocado & soy turkey sandwich w/ yam fries and spring rolls. That’s a far cry from my usual diet of Popeyes, catfish, and general tso’s chicken (though nearly everyone I know assures me that I still need to eat more). Watch out there nah – Mike’s on the come up.

I was a pesca-vegetarian for eight months. As a college student knee-high in debt, I decided in January that perhaps I should save a little money, and take another stab at chicken and turkey. My mom agreed.

*Safeway, Washington D.C. Jan 2005*

Me: Mama, can you believe these turkey burgers come in a 12-pack for six dollars while these faux-chik’n patties from Boca are four for the same price?!
Mom: *Deep breath* Boy, get the meat!
Me: Mama! You know I gave it up….but it is cheaper.
Friend overhearing my mom on the phone: Fool, if you don’t get those damn burgers. You aren’t but five pounds anyway. Put it in the basket….I said put it in the basket!
Me: Sigh. Alright.

And that’s how I turned my back on vegetarianism. For you grass-eaters (I keed. If it helps, call me a McDonald’s make-believe fish sandwich eating clown in return) in New York, I would recommend Zen Palate in Union Square and Red Bamboo in the Village. There’s a spot in D.C. called Soul Veggie offering the best veggie burger I’ve ever tasted. My friends back in H-Town (Stay Down)….umm…..well….enjoy the barbeque? I think everything comes with a side of beef in Texas, I can’t help you.

Speaking of beef, what is the deal with Jaguar Wright? Who ran over her puppy? Why is she so angry? Granted, contemporary R&B seems to be bitten w/ the lack-of-talent bug hard, but did any of these people personally attack her? I don’t mind her naming names, but there seems to be a sense of bitterness with her. This is the same chick who only months ago performed on stage in NY alongside Bilal drunk and out of whack? She has a nice voice but truth be told, her shit isn’t that hot and Jay Z’s Unplugged came out years ago.

I should shut up. I don’t want to fight a woman, and she looks like she carries a blade underneath her tongue. You cool, Jaguar. You cool.

I’m heading out to LA for a scholarship conference, so I should get the last minute packing in order. I really hope I get to see both Teena Marie and Ludacris this Saturday. How many people can say they’ll get to sing “Square Biz” right after they push bitches out their way? I thought so.

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