Do the iPod Shuffle

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Yesterday, I made my way on down on to McNally-Robinsons for a book reading of Danyel Smith’s Bliss. Danyel once shouted me out on her blog, making this novice writer’s week. It was cool meeting her. Not many writers (or people in general) of her stature are willing to take the time to offer advice to those itching to follow in their footsteps. Some of my friend’s at school have horror stories. haha

I’ve started reading the book. So far, so good.

Other’s in attendance included Danyel’s husband, Elliot Wilson, of XXL and Ego Trip fame, and Toure, contributing editor at Rolling Stone. Three writers at the top of their game in the same room. One day, Michael. One day.

Though I mentioned her in a previous entry, I was finally able to sit down and take a listen to Teairra Mari’s album. Nothing particularly moving. She has a decent voice, the album offers solid production, and overall it’s okay for a first effort. Still, she’s a bit young to have such mature subject matter.

Sample lyric:

“If I take it off, would you take it slow, and promise to not let nobody know, about nothing, if I come off of this loving? It’s confidential.”

She also mentions something about a dude’s love being real as the .45 under his seat.

That and every other word in her songs seem to begin with the letter n.

Think Miss Thang on speed.

Over the last week and a half, I’ve been asked if I have heard Young Jeezy’s album. I haven’t, but I guess I’ll take a listen over the weekend. The first single is straight, thanks in part to Mannie Fresh’s helming the boards, so there may be hope.

I’ve been too busy enjoying my iPod to check out new music. I put the thing on shuffle and sat back and enjoyed the sounds of Prince’s “Billy Jack Bitch,” Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride,” Fiona Apple’s Beatles-cover, “Across The Universe,” Teedra Moses’ “Caution,” DJ Jubilee’s “Get It Ready Ready” (Where are my fellow New Orleans bounce music fans?) and everything else that’s pumping out of these tiny headphones. Technology is great…well most of the time. There are times where people go a little too far.

Such is the case with the announcement of the female android. Developers are promising that future models will appear even more life-like. Anyone else thinking of Will Smith’s wack-ass I, Robot, and similar themed films?

Alright, it’s 10 and I need to start getting ready for tomorrow. Work? Ha. I meant the Beyonce and ‘nem concert. I’m hoping Beyonce pulls on me on stage for the Janet Jackson treatment. Then again, with my luck, I’ll probably end up with Michelle, with the end result being we both catch on fire (there’s only so much friction two skinny people can handle).

As for the weekend, who knows. I definitely need to catch up on my reading list, though. As it’s been said again and again, “To be a great writer, one must be a great reader.”

And I’m out.

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