Run, Michael, Run!

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I think it all started back in fourth grade when Mr. Morris, a teacher’s aid, looked at a group of teachers, pointed at me and said, “That boy is going to be President.”

A couple of years ago, while interviewing for an internship position at a radio station, the interviewer stopped dead in her tracks and asked, “Why do want to intern here? Shouldn’t you be working for some congressman?” When I told her I was more interested in writing, broadcasting, and running my mouth, she paused, moved closer, then advised me to give more thought into entering the political arena. She told me I would make a great councilman or mayor. I jokingly said, “I think that’s too small. I’d much rather be something grander like like a Senator.” Her face lite up so much, I’m certain I could have secured a campaign contribution along with the internship position then and there.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation to join the newly founded Generation DFA, a student version of the Howard Dean founded Democracy for America. In addition to promoting an socially progressive agenda, part of their goal is to recruit people to run for office. Good idea when the Heritage Foundation is pulling young conservatives in by the droves.

Just last week when discussing career options, I was advised by two of my friends to consider a career in politics – either as a commentator or as a legislator. Sometimes I wonder what people mean when they hint that I would make a great politician. Politicians aren’t exactly held in high regard with the general public, y’know.

While I am very much enthused about politics, I’ve never had any real political ambitions besides writing and offering commentary. There are a lot of reasons why.

I’m a very critical person. I consider it to be both my greatest strength and flaw. I’m pretty good at assessing a candidate’s chances at being elected. Honestly, I believe I could gain attention for my opinions and how I articulate them, but I doubt I would go very far. To say that I’m liberal is like saying Dumbya only likes Jesus a little bit.

So I’m black, male, and sitting as far left as humanly possible. What are the chances of me joining Phil Gramm and Kay Bailey Hutchinson as the state of Texas’ representative in the U.S. Senate? I do plan on living in New York — we all know how much New Yorkers love southern accents. Hmph.

As I’ve noted before, I am still not won over by Barack “I See All Americans Sharing One Big Hug Under A Sea of Rainbows” Obama. I do admire his schtick, however. He is a talented orator with the perfect story to win over even the harshest critic (well most of them anyway). He speaks of unity, prosperity, and convincingly argues that better times do in fact lie ahead. Very akin to Mariah Carey’s early work.

Now, put me up there, and watch shit hit the fan. I won’t speak of doom, but I will state things as I see them. People say they want to hear the truth, or at least a person’s honest opinion, but I don’t believe that to be true. Many times people simply want you to tell them what they want to hear. What will make them feel better. Not the truth, but a variation of it. Something comforting, inspiring, and will make for a great soundbite.

As the title of my blog suggests, I’m not that person. Who’s going to vote for a killjoy?

There are some things in this country I would like to see accomplished, but I’m undecided on how to go about it. I see myself as a writer before anything else. If I were to write something that will inspire someone to press for change, then I would still feel as if I have accomplished something. But, a part of me would love to enter the foray and make national waves as a black politician without the title of “Reverend” in front of my name.

Speaking of Reverend’s, the second I came up with a title for this entry, thoughts of Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign came to mind. So what if I was born this year, I read about it.

Will I ever run? Who knows. You have to admit: Senator Arceneaux does sound kind of fly.

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