From Jesus To Fellatio: The Second Coming Of Ma$e

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“All y’all bitches that wouldn’t suck my dick when I was Mason Betha, fuck y’all bitches.”

Granted, that’s old audio featured in Pastor Murder Mase’s recent interview with G-Unit Radio, but with likely appearances from his new G-Unit label mates and Mase reassuring jocks that he’s going with the “Murder Mase angle” for future recordings, there’s no telling what the lyrical content of the new material will entail.

Fret not, God-fearing fans. Mason hasn’t forgotten about you: “All I need is just two inspirational records to satisfy [them] people, other than that the other 16 will be Mase.”

I see he’s learned a great deal since leaving the seminary. I can’t say that I’m surprised at how things have turned out. Last year a friend of mine wrote an article on Mase and how old habits die hard. In the article, entitled “Students Question Mase’s Credibility As A Minister,” the good reverend gave his cell phone number with the words “don’t talk” scribbled below to a then new freshman. Maybe he was merely seeking new parishioners for his church, S.A.N.E. International. Or perhaps he saw a young woman in need and wanted to offer her one-on-one counseling. Who knows? I’m sure the God he dedicated his life to does.

Also, who can forget his appearance on BET’s Access Granted where he boasted that “The Lord Loves The Bling” while giving the audience his classic “grin like an idiot” smile?

I’m sure some are saying, “For someone not particularly religious, you sure do take a great deal of offense to Mase’s flipping.” Well, a hypocrite is a hypocrite and in the end, that’s what bothers me the most. He misled people with this elaborate tale of realizing the error of his ways, prompting him to turn his life over to God. He soon went on national television to criticize the very industry that gave him his wealth, going as far to mock the prospects of Puffy releasing a gospel album on Bad Boy, because in his eyes, Puff served two masters. Decided to retire, only to change his mind. He gets a pass for that, though. What rapper doesn’t change their mind about retirement? Last year when we came back, he promised to keep it clean. Welcome Back would breath, stretch, and shake right off of the Billboard charts quicker than you can say Double Up, which suggests the real reason he’s no longer as reluctant to reach back for the sound that made Ma$e a household name as he appeared to be this time last year.

In his bio published on the website of his church, Pastor Betha’s preaching methods are described as:

In the life-changing messages he delivers, Pastor Betha utilizes real-life examples to illustrate biblical principles.”

What better way to utilize those real-life examples than contributing to the soundtrack of the 50 Cent inspired film, Get Rich or Die Trying. I’m all ears on how you’ll connect the dots, Pastor.

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