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The moment you hear nineteen year old Yummy Bingham boldly croon, “It ain’t gotta be enough for you, ‘cuz it’s more than that for me.,” on the ode to her hometown in Queens, you’re certain that this new artist is determined to breath new life into the old adage “sweet but street.”

Describing her sound as “Much edge, much New York,” the young chanteuse has allowed her experiences living in the Jamaica section of Queens to set the tone for her debut album, The First Seed. “Queens has a huge influence on everything: My exposure to hip hop, to the culture, the hood, my knowledge of street credibility, the hustle and the whole mentality,” Bingham said.

While she may have been exposed to the harsh realities that go with living in the borough, Yummy also saw the posh life that comes with success in the music industry. Her godparents are Chaka Khan and Aaron Hall. Her father, producer Dinky Bingham, has worked with the likes of New Edition, Bobby Brown, and Guy. Growing up with such an accomplished group, one would assume the choice to enter the music industry to be an easy one. Not so says Yummy, who refused to allow anyone to hear her sweet soprano until the age of 12. “In the beginning it was really forced, but once they finally just let me be and let me find my own comfort zone in music, then that’s when I took it on,” she said.

And took it on she did. Five years ago, Yummy found herself fronting the Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature fame crafted group, Tha Rayne. “I really thought he was going to sign me as a solo artist, but he introduced me to the other girls when he took me to his house the second time. It was a like a set up but we all fell in together,” Yummy recalls. While that situation may have not been ideal, Yummy views it as a productive situation and educating experience.

Between then and now, Yummy has lent her vocals to a number of tracks for artists like De La Soul and Talib Kweli. She also joined fellow Queens native and noted producer Rockwilder and her manager’s production company, Muzik Park. “They offered the situation for me to become a part of owning the record company in addition to being a signed artist,” she said. After collaborating with Rockwilder to write songs for Mary J. Blige, Amerie, and Christina Aguilera, Yummy scored a deal with Motown/Universal.

She now finds herself under the watchful eye of Sylvia Rhone, a giant in the music industry. While others may find that a bit intimidating, Yummy revels in it. On Sylvia, Yummy gushes, “She truly loves me. Everyone knows I’m her baby at Motown.”

The first offering from Yummy is the teaser single, “Come Get It,” an infectious beat-driven track featuring Jadakiss. The official first single will be a track originally intended for Beyoncé called, “Is It Good To You.” “She wanted it, but they were working on the Destiny’s Child album, so it was kinda like we just can’t sit on this record and hold it forever,” she said.

With influences like Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Salt N Pepa, Mc Lyte, and Queen Latifah and production from her partner, Rockwilder, you can expect a loose-tongue and a hip hop-tinged R&B sound from the rising star.

“I want people to get a good essence of Rockwilder’s style in the R&B soul department. Everyone knows him for his pop and hip hop, but they don’t know his soulful edge,” she said. Her own plans for the album? “I take my music personally, so it’s like my baby. This is my first introduction to the world as a solo artist. I’ve done a bunch of features, but this is my introduction and Roc’s introduction as well. This is the first seed.”

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