I’m Over Hillary

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Over at the Huffington Post, Bill Maher comments on Senator Hillary Clinton’s mission to tack on to the center for dear life. It started a few months ago when she tried to appease both pro-choice and pro-lifers, failing miserably with both. She’s since worked with another likely Democratic Presidential nominee in Senator Evan Bayh and Republican best-friend Senator Joe “Bush Is My Homie” Lieberman to end the sell of violent video games to children. She’s also co-sponsoring an anti-flag burning bill —- an issue I’m sure her staff is pushing to the forefront of New York state politics, since y’know, that’s all she’s really thinking about right now.

I think Kurt Andersen of New York magazine’s article, “Hillary Clinton Running For President Makes Her Even Less likeable” captures my sentiments perfectly. Ever the skilled politician like her husband, Hillary is doing whatever it takes to pander to both sides in order to put her best face forward, hoping to pull in enough from support each side to win the election in 2008. Couple of problems with that, though.

For one, the right hates her and will always hate her. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, they’ll likely paint her as a feminist (which is almost an ugly a term as liberal in America), a lesbian, and God knows what else. Hillary, dear: They hate you, stop trying to make friends.

Another problem with this little ditty of a strategy is that her pandering to the right/center pisses off her once enthusiastic liberal base. The loathe her for her position on Iraq and her reluctance to really hammer the Bush administration on their mishandeling of the war. Not only is there an anti-war challenge to her second term as Senator of New York from her own party, but George Clooney is pissed at her, too. George Clooney, y’all. Democrats need not anger the Hollywood crowd that loves to shell out the loot.

What’s even worse, Hillary is not the charmer like her husband. I’m no longer the biggest Bill Clinton fan around, but the man is very much likeable. The southern accent, penchant for jazz and soul food, and warm grin easily rell the people in. Hillary is…I don’t know…just there. I mean, I like her, but hey, most people still fawn over her husband, so clearly there’s a problem there.

Lastly, triangulation is dated. It worked in the 90s, it doesn’t work right now. Yeah, yeah, most people usually vote somewhere in the middle, but now more than ever the country is divided on issues that leave very little room for compromise. I may not agree with conservatives, but I respect the fact that most of them they stick to their guns.

No, she doesn’t have to sit in a room with Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon to appease me, but does she have to embrace Newt Gingrich and share a stage with Rick Santorum in a foolish attempt to win over conservatives?

She says nothing concret about any hot-bed issue. Why? Because she’s more concerned with how she’ll appear than what she believes in. I understand this comes with entering the political arena, but that’s exactly why so many people are disconnected with politics in this country. She’s every bit the opportunist her husband is — and that’s just not going to fly a second time around.

What does Hillary believe in? Tell me your answer, and maybe I’ll re-consider that “Hillary in ’08” t-shirt order. In the meantime, I’ll continue mocking the Democrats in what is looking to be yet another humiliating defeat.

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