How [Not] To Honor An Icon

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Earlier in the week the world said its last goodbye’s to a woman who continued to chase the dream of equality. Coretta Scott King, wife of beloved Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was laid to rest on February 07th at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Thousands of mourners gathered in celebration of her life and legacy.

Sadly, Fred Phelps, head of Westboro Baptist Church and known for his message that “God Hates Fags,” chose to picket the funeral because Mrs. King believed in equality for gay people. Picketing a funeral because you disagree with someone’s embracement of tolerance…doesn’t seem the least bit Christ-like.

Coretta Scott King was a human rights activist. She believed that discrimination in every form is wrong. She spoke against the proposed federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. She championed for HIV/AIDS awareness. She took her husband’s message of equality and tolerance and applied it to current trends in bigotry. She is a humanitarian.

Not so says Westboro Baptist Church.

“WBC has warned Mrs. King for more than 10 year [sic] that by endorsing the homosexual agenda she was bringing down the wrath of God upon herself, her family and the black civil rights movement. She is an ingrate — unthankful and holy,” the church said in a press release.

“The homosexual agenda” – a trite little phrase indeed. Very akin to the “those Negroes just don’t know when to quit while they’re ahead” adages of yesteryear (or today, take your pick), but I digress.

There is no way for me to eloquently state this: If you believe Coretta Scott King is an ingrate, unthankful, and holy, then you’re a fucking moron. There’s pretty much no way around it. God, in every structured religion, is typically depicted as a spirit of love and peace. The second you argue that God hates any of his creations, it is you that is unholy, not thankful, and an ingrate.

As mentioned in the article, even King’s daughter Bernice is against homosexuality, having actually mobilized a formal protest in support of the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. She is free to feel the way she does as is Phelps.

However, to protest at someone’s funeral and to declare that she brought the wrath of God on herself is despicable. No true man of God would ever disrespect someone’s life in that manner, nor would that promote a message of hate in God’s name. Coretta Scott King deserves better.

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