20 More Questions

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1. Why hasn’t Christian Milian given up yet?

2. Speaking of not giving up when they’re way behind, is that the one trend Ashanti has set for 00s R&B? When is someone going to tell her she’s not anywhere near it, let alone still on it?

3. Who in their right mind would cast Brandy to portray Diahann Carroll?

4.When Kelly Rowland begins promo for her sophomore solo album, how many times do you expect her to bring up how wonderful Beyonce is?

5. Is Nas the loser for signing to Def Jam or is Jay-Z being forced to eat his words – “One was nah, the other was Illmatic . That’s one hot album every ten year average and that’s so laaaaaaaame?”

6. If I get a bunch of mixed girls to appear in an overpriced video full of over the top graphics in wide screen from, can I call myself Hype Williams?

7. Am I the only one not particularly impressed with Jamie Foxx’s album?

8. Must U2 win every single major Grammy category they’re nominated for?

9. How cold was NARAS for not letting Mariah Carey accept at least one of her awards during the broadcast?

10. Is Robin Thicke the Neptunes’ new Justin Timberlake?

11. Where’s Missy? Do we care?

12. How high is Snoop in this picture?

13. Do you think Mike’s saying, “Hey no need to bring up Juanita right now, pimpin?”

14. Will Teedra Moses get more shine with her second album, TheYoung Lioness?

15. After apparently insulting Ronald “Please Call Me Mr. Biggs To Make Me Feel Younger” Isley at a radio studio, don’t you wish someone would take a belt to Bow Wow’s cocky ass?

16. How much do you want to bet Ciara can bench press Bow Wow?

17. Can we get a pick of Kanye West and Kool Mo Dee together already?

18. Will someone please stop Fonzworth Bentley from releasing an album?

19. Doesn’t Russell Simmons’ all soprano female group, Black Buddafly, sound a lot like the Chippetts?

20. Don’t you just want to throw a copy of It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back at Flava Flav’s head for “Flavor of Love?”

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