Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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Never underestimate the stupidity of the average American.

The day after the re-election of the idiot-in-chief I sat around trying to fathom how 59,054,087 people could be dumb enough to vote this sophomoric idiot for a second term. I still don’t get it. The country was already headed for a downward spiral after his first four years in office, and now we’ve been catapulted into an even deeper black hole. This is what happens when you allow an evil genius to play off the fears of a religious and far too easy to mislead population. Karl Rove and co. painted John Kerry has a coward when he is everything but. Groups like the Christian Coalition mailed off millions of “voter information packets,” i.e. propaganda wrapped up in a lovely little package, to their members who were too lazy or too stupid to learn about the candidates and the issues themselves. And the coup de grate – capitializing off the homophobia pervading society. Yes, yokel and colored folks: Bush my leave you in destitution, but doggonit, he’s going to save you from the eye-gauging sight of two homos getting hitched. This all took place while Kerry willingly allowed himself to be depicted as an indecisive punk ass bitch. Imbecilic Americans bought all of this hook, line, and sinker.

Now, nearly a year and a half after being re-elected, it seems like all the morons who voted for this clown are catching on. In a new AP poll, Dumbya’s job approval rating has fallen to an all time low of 34 %. That’s still 34% too much, but hey, at least most people are learning. What caused his approval rating to dip eight points from the previous month? Need it be anymore obvious? The economy. Katrina. Iraq. The Dubai port deal. His stupidity becoming all the more obvious (and after this many years of being a public figure, this is quite the feat).

Even some conservatives are fed up, going as far to say they’d choose Slick Willie over the Connecticut Cowboy.

As elated as I am to read that people are finally seeing the light, I quickly remind myself that I’m stuck with this moron until January 20, 2008. So that means our dollar will continue on with its mission to rival the peso as the most worthless currency on the planet. We will continue to see his new choices for the Supreme Court do away with what the founders of this country called our rights. And we’ll all bask in the joy of going to war with another country we needn’t battle (Hi, Iran). For all of the idiots that voted for him, you made your bed – lie in it and suffer with the rest of us that have a clue.

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