See! She’s Not [That] Dumb…

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“I’m not as dumb as I look, y’all.”

According to MTV, Jessica Simpson has a lot more sense than people give her credit for – reason being that even she realizes Dumbya is like the kid in school you dread being around because you’ll become lame by association. No one wants to be around that kid. Especially when you’re in the midst of a highly-publicized divorce and you’re hoping you don’t come out looking like the villain (that’s not the word I’m really thinking of, though).

Simpson has turned down an invitation to meet the President at a Republican-fundraiser out of concerns that she didn’t want to politicize her favorite charity, Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides free plastic surgery to disabled children with facial deformities. Smile is a non-partisan group and Simpson would like to keep it that way.

Doesn’t hurt that the President is currently greeting the lowest approval ratings of his adminstration. I’m sure even Simpson realizes she would get a roll of pennies chucked at her head just for standing next to the guy.

How did the Republicans respond? National Republican Congressional Commitee spokesperson Carl Forti said, “It’s never been a problem for Bono.” I can just imagine Forti saying that with the same empty expression as Simpson. I remember when Jessica Simpson debuted. She didn’t strike me as a complete idiot then. It always seemed to be she was playing the stereotypical “dumb blond” role to get ahead. Decisions like this add more credence to my theory, because at this point, only an idiot would stand next to George Bush and have the nerve to ask people for money.

In other news…

Kevin Powell is running for office. Someone at Southern University told me two years ago that he shared with the audience that he was contemplating a Congressional run. Powell will be running in Brooklyn’s 10th Congressional District. The last news I heard about him was that he got into a fight with a staff writer at Stuff magazine over a girl — biting the man’s ankle in retaliation. Good to know he’s doing better.

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