Teedra Moses: Love Her…Now!

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“Teedra Moses. Got damn. Teedra Muthafucking Moses. If y’all don’t know about her, y’all need to find a picture, get up on the internet.” — Little Brother

I’m throwing on my groupie hat for this entry. If you aren’t familiar with Teedra Moses, you damn sure need to be. She’s written a couple of songs, particularly Christina Milian’s one and likely only hit, “Dip It Low.” She’s been featured on Raphael Saadiq’s second solo album, As Ray Ray, and nearly two years ago released her debut album, Complex Simplicity.

She’s on TVT, so she didn’t exactly have the typical major push for a new artist. From what I’ve read, she’s only sold about 70k domestically. She has a bit of a growing fanbase in the U.K., where they tend to be more receptive to R&B artists that recall the sounds of R&B from yesterdecade. She has such a melodic voice, and she’s a really strong songwriter. I have listened to her debut regularly since its release.

She is currently recording her second album, The Young Lioness, and below is a link to her myspace page, where she’s uploaded clips of from the album as well audio of live performances. It’s under “Exclusive.” I don’t know much about the album, other than her working with 9th Wonder. I love 9th Wonder’s production, particularly now with R&B artists (see Destiny’s Child’s Destiny Fulfilled).

If you have never heard of her, give her a listen. I started writing for our student paper around the time she released her first album. One of my first album reviews was for Complex Simplicity, and she was the first artist I interviewed (thanks, Lizzie). As you can tell probably tell from the clips, I’ve come a long way. I’m hoping this time around, she gets the attention she deserves. Love her, dammit.

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