Idiot Of The Week

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Eva Longoria: “This is as black as it gets for me.”

So what the week’s just begun. It’s never too early to point out stupidity.

The idiot of the week is a tie, actually: Eva Longoria and her racist grandmother.

Longoria tells Allure magazine that she was planning to send her grandmother a San Antonio Spurs calendar so she could see what her boyfriend looked like, but her mother reminded her that not everyone approves of the fact she’s dating a biracial man. — BlogNYC

Biracial man? Her mistake. She meant a black man. Eva’s response?

Longoria recalls, “She said, ‘You can’t give grandma a calendar. She doesn’t know Tony’s black.’ I said, ‘We’ll just tell her he’s French.'”

Hmm, where do I begin? Hailing from Texas, I’m no stranger to racist Hispanics. I always found the irony in this, as it should be common knowledge (though it sadly isn’t) that “Hispanic” nor “Latino” (I realize the difference) are races. It’s a culture (with much of it having African origins, but I digress). Cameron Diaz and Sammy Sosa are both Latino – but what are their races? I’ve met many a Latino, often times a Latino darker than I am, make it clear that didn’t like me, El Negro. My usual response? The same racist white people that hate my ass don’t like you either. That or “You’re black too, el stupido.” How much dumber does it get than minorities hating other minorities?

Now on to Eva. “We’ll just tell her he’s French.” French? There are black people in France, too, ditz. She’s using humor to minimize the severity of the situation. I’m sure she loves her grandmother and realizes that she’s old and set in her ways. My Grandmother is a colorist, so I can relate. I look at her at times and think to myself, “I hope you stand outside in the sun too long and get a mean tan.” But, if I fall in love with someone with a melanin count not to her liking, do you think I’m going to say, “Oh, I’ll buy some bleaching cream and make Grandma happy?”

Hell to the nawl. If you love me, you’ll love who I’m with…or you’ll at least get over yourself for me and bite your tongue. And if I’m not mistaken, Eva once said that she used to be called “prieta fea,” or dark ugly one because of her “dark” features. You would think she’d shove it in their faces that she’s with someone with a $90 million dollar contract, black or whatever. Apparently not.

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