Christina Milian: I Don’t Want To Be Beyonce (I Just Want To Look Like Her Sometimes Hoping It Will Get Me Ahead)

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I think Christina Milian is a really nice girl. Dull, but cute. Sweet, but not the least bit impressive as a vocalist. Ever the trooper, but destined to continue to hit a brick wall with every album she releases. Let’s face facts: Ashanti took her spot and patted her head and rubbed her tummy like Elmo to the top years ago. Her music career has gone downhill ever since. She had a brink of hope with “Dip It Low,” but even after all of LA Reid’s form of assistance (it rhymes with “ola”), the album still managed to flop. On top of that, the songwriters were sued for copyright infringement. None of this screams let’s give her a bigger budget for her next LP.

Now she’s returned with “Say I,” an annoying song featuring Young Jeezy where the former Disney Channel star promises to keep it gangsta. Everyone, say Iiiiiiiiiiii know better. And if you just so happen to have half of your vision intact, you probably noticed that ever since she went blonde she’s been styled a lot like another blond chanteuse — only one that is actually popular.

Not so says Christina in a recent interview with All Hip Hop alternatives.

AHHA: One of your greatest criticisms is that you’re trying too much to be like Beyoncé.

Christina: Oh gosh! Well that’s not true! Do people think that every light skin Black girl that has blonde hair has to say that she wants to be like her? That’s not the case. And that’s wack, because people don’t realize they’re stereotyping us. It’s unfortunate because I feel like it’s ongoing for me. My career has been a thirteen year process. I didn’t even know about her until five years ago. My career, and every move that I make, I try my hardest to set myself apart from everyone else. And I don’t even think it’s a matter of trying; I am a different person. When I make music, I’m not listening to [Beyoncé’s] music and saying I want to make a song like that or I want to dress like her. Everyone dresses their own way, has their own style. It’s sad that people have to make comparisons based on looks. I can be very real with you; in no way, shape, or form have I ever tried to be like anybody else.

Riiiight. Maybe it’s a subconscious thing, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a significant number of R&B female acts post-Beyonce have gone the route of blond sexpot in an effort to duplicate her success. Also five years ago would mean Christina hadn’t heard of Beyonce until the group’s third album, Survivor, hit the shelves. I guess she lived in a bubble when “Say My Name” played non stop two years prior.

Of course, I know she can’t flat out say, “I want her success, so I was thinking going blond and doing similar poses in photo shoots wouldn’t hurt.” But c’mon. I don’t think Beyonce invented the wheel. In fact, I know Beyonce has jocked Jennifer Lopez (among others) over the years.

Still, you can only be mistaken for Beyonce so many times before you have to stop and think, “Hmm I wonder if this chick is purposely trying to look like her.” And if you wanted to be original the next go ’round, I seriously doubt you would suddenly be channeling your inner gangsta. If she wants to separate herself from the rest of the pack, she ought to try something new, something innovative — you know, her natural hair color. That will really set her a part from the new breed of R&B female singers.

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