My Moonwalk Is Deadly

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“You ain’t the only one back, Prince!”

According to a new article, Michael Jackson has undeniably lost his ever loving mind — or whatever bit of sense he had left. In a bid to solidify his gangsta status, or bond with the kids (Hey, watch your mouth!), Mike will be featured on DJ Whoo Kid of G-Unit fame’s latest mixtape, MJ — Unit The Takeover. And if you’re wondering, no, I’m not kidding. This is seriously what he plans to do. We’ll apparently be hearing a new track entitled, “Trial of the Century,” featuring 50 Cent, Lucy Diamonds, and DJ Whoo Kid in the coming weeks. Whatever Jesus Juice the Kang of Pop is sippin on, his high pale (too light to be “high yella”) ass needs to pass that over my way. It sounds like it gives you one hell of a buzz. The album will also feature five unreleased tracks from Jackson. I’m expecting one of them to be a long awaited Prince diss record.

He’s also hard at work on his next album.

Sources say the first single from the as-yet-untitled project, “Now That I Found Love,” will be released Nov. 21 and will also feature Lucy Diamonds. The track is being produced by Jackson and longtime collaborator Bruce Swedien, who engineered the classic “Thriller” and co-produced the album “Dangerous.”

Thriller good. Dangerous bad. G-Unit worse.

I was named after Michael Jackson, and y’know, as much as I love the man’s music, I’m thinking about changing my name to Prince again. Hell, you might be calling me Keith Sweat in a few.

Pouring a lil Jesus Juice out for my homie, Bubbles. Rest in peace, my nig.

Don’t worry, pimpin. You’ll be hiding from the po-po’s for more gangsta reasons soon enough.

Is anyone else trying to block out the image of Mike grabbing his balls and yelling, “Hehehe…DJ Whoooooo?!”

I don’t see any good coming out of this other than Mike letting his perm grow out and returning to his beloved fro.

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