What The *&^%

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I was reading a short interview with Rhionce, that focused on how the “singer” won’t let fame get to her large fivehead so she won’t end up strung out like her idol, Whitney Houston.

The “Pon De Replay” singer, who sang Houston’s For The Love Of You to clinch a deal with rap mogul Jay-Z, is horrified by recent reports of Houston’s descent into a life of drink and drugs.

Why would anyone sign Rhianna to a record deal for butchering a song covered by Whitney Houston? Was she butt ass naked when she sang this in front of Jay-Z? Was Mr. Biggs AKA I Lust For Young Women Seventy Eight Years My Junior Ronald Isley there to give his approval of what I’m sure was a monotone soar throat sounding mess that could possibly cause one’s ears to bleed? She’s a cute girl. I like the video for “S.O.S.” I’m digging her tribute to Verne Troyer by becoming Beyonce’s real life Mini-Me. But, I’m a bit confused as to how anyone could sign her after listening to her sing that song. Whitney could be high, drunk, and fresh from getting dropkicked in the neck and still sound ten times better than Rhianna singing the ABC song, let alone “For The Love Of You.” I’m betting she ponned more than the replay.

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Kelly should give either Lauryn Hill and Ike Turner their wig back. After that, she should fire whoever told her to go out there and perform that awful song that way. If Kelly doesn’t step it up, the world will be telling her she gotsta go. We should be screaming at her for that song, not the other way around. Whooooooa.

According to Khia, she has a collaboration with Janet Jackson dropping this summer. What some people won’t do to get a buddy to go with them to the buffet.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse, Jadakiss records a song with Paris Hilton. Jada, this is exactly WHY your ass is wack.

What a way to kick off the week.

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