PETA Makes Me Want To Eat Porkchops

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I’ve never been a big fan on the use of fur for fashion, so over the years, I tried to empathize with PETA despite their being one of the more annoying activist groups out there. But over the last year I’ve noticed that while they are staunch animal rights supporters, they tend to not have that much respect for people, Black people in particular.

They had the gall to liken the treatment of animals in this country to the cruelty done to enslaved blacks. They compared animals being transported as cargo to the Atlantic Slave trade, among other flat out stupid comparisons. Once a blacklash ensued, they did apologize, however. But after reading their open letter to Jay-Z, one can’t help but think, “Choke on Bambi, bitches.”

June 30, 2006
Holla at me Jigga!
An open letter to Mr. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z,

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Ain Drew, and I run PETAWorld, the division of PETA reaching out to the hip-hop community and encouraging heads to show love for animals. Please give me a chance to set the record straight and hopefully find some common ground so we can create a dialogue on the issue of fur in hip-hop. As you know, PETA recently won an auction to dine with Beyonce Knowles, and during dinner we questioned her about the use of fur in her clothing line House of Dereon. I overheard your comments on CNN Showbiz Tonight, when you said that even though our “tactics are lacking in sensitivity,” you believe that we have “a noble and good cause.” Point taken. But what you may not realize is that we have tried over and over again to contact both Beyonce and House of Dereon about the horrible way animals are treated when killed for their fur, and we haven’t gotten so much as a hit back. We thought this might be a way to get her ear.

So how could we have done things differently? We truly want to create a dialogue within the hip-hop community on these issues, which you’ve said you think are important. You’re no stranger to controversy — PETAWorld is feeling your boycott of Cristal champagne over their disrespectful and, as you put it, racist view of our community’s use of their products. And really, that’s all we’re trying to do — call attention to something whack by stirring up a little controversy. But maybe we need some advice on how to best do that. So I’m reaching out for some assistance. The hip-hop community can’t educate itself about this issue if no one is willing to talk about it. How can we get folks to listen? How can we get someone at House of Dereon — and yeah, I’ll say it, Rocawear — to watch some footage of animals locked up for life on fur farms like unaccused inmates with no parole? If people can see that and still support it, that’s one thing — but people can’t make an educated decision if they don’t know the facts. So you tell me — what can we do to get heads talking about this issue?

Jigga — you have the floor. Hit us back.


Well, Ain, homie, I don’t recall you using this same approach with entertainers of a lighter pigmentation. The slang. The reference to imprisoned blacks. It’s just as insulting as the posted pictures above. It’s always interesting to see some whites fight for animal rights or gay rights or some other hot bed political issue, yet when it comes to black people, suddenly they lose all tact and you get to know what people are really thinking. With that being said, FUCK PETA. I really can’t waste the time of coming up with an eloquent way of saying it. Fuck them.

They make me want to eat a piece of bloody steak (and I don’t eat red meat) wearing a hat made of out squirrels, a shirt created from Papa Bear from the Three Bears, and some boxers made out of bunny just to be spiteful.

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