Yeah Yeah Another Rant About Beyonce

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Now I’m a known Beyonce stan, but even I can’t forgive that wack ass “Deja Vu” video. I don’t even know where to begin. Wait. Yes I do.

Singing in a beaded dress in the swamp.

Doing the funky lopsided suffering from disease chicken in a grass skirt.

Running around in the fields like Celie searching for Nettie.

It’s like they took every old southern stereotype and used them to come up with the treatment for the video.

Back to the skirt for a second. She looked like a castaway from Gilligan’s Island. Fire your mama already! You’re name is Beyonce, not Ginger.

And what’s the deal with the pseudo African dances near the plantation home, Bee? She looked like she was about to perform a voodoo ritual. I hope those weren’t the spirits of New Orleans she was trying to channel. Creoles don’t bring that up. Look at her starting shit.

What probably bothers me the most is how she’s behaving with Jay-Z. I understand that’s her dude and all, but he looked so uninterested in her. Did she really drop to the floor and snatch on his belt buckle? I mean for a minute there, I thought chick was about to show she’s a quadruple threat.

Her handlers and boyfriend parade her around as a sexual accessory and she purposely plays into that. Why is she making herself look so desperate, especially when it’s her video? He’s the clown that looks like a walking ad for cancer/Kool cigarettes? So what he has money, he’s uglier than gluttony and she’s Beyonce. Like, what’s wrong with you, chick?

You didn’t think about how that might make you look to people? Wait, probably not, because you don’t have to think for yourself too often, now do you? Your father made your career. Your mother molded you based on her own failed dreams of Supremes like stardom. And now your Jay’s chick. I bet if women really thought about it, a lot of them would probably throw one finger at you instead of their entire hand. Maybe you’re only independent until he pays the bills, so as soon as the balance clears you cater to him. Not sure anymore. But, this is the chick that talked about her record being empowering for women with song titles called “Freekum Dress.” My niece will not be listening to that one.

I’ve been a big fan of hers since reading about Destiny’s Child years ago in the Houston Chronicle, but I’m becoming bored with her. She never did the promised soul album. Everything she does from her adlibs down to her poses is so formulaic. She no longer shows any personality. She never has an opinion about anything. No wonder the video is so bad. It’s the perfect reflection of her right now: boring.

It’s really frustrating to see someone with so much talent and so much potential squander all of that by going back to the same old bullshit.

Please do better, Bouncy. I know you can. You have way too much talent not to.

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