Timberlake: I’m A Druggie…and that makes me cool finally, right?

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Well it certainly explains the look…

With the launch of a new album comes another round of press where the bitch-like-me persona of Justin Timberlake shines through. If you remember, back when he was promoting (un)Justified(hype), Timberlake did an interview Star and Buckwild where he hinted at performing oral sex on a then attractive Britney Spears, in addition to appearing on shows like 106 and Park to talk about his love for women with ass (yeah, Cameron got that Trina booty). As annoying as all of that was, Justin seems to be on a campaign to best himself, and judging from what he’s telling the UK Press, he just may be well on his way.

In an interview with Britain’s Observer Music Monthly, Timberlame tells the publication he done “Way too many drugs” to ever seek such a high-profile position such as president of the United States. Obviously, he’s not familiar with our current commander-in-chief, but I digress. Without specifying with narcotic substances he’s dabbled with, Timberfake did say, “nicotine is more addictive than heroin.”


As if that wasn’t bad enough, Timberbitch goes on and on and on.

In reference to college: “There’s too many…women. Women, drugs, and debauchery.”

That’s right, Timbertwat. College has too many books, signs of intelligent life, and nothing remotely related to you making a career out of stealing Michael Jackson’s swagger.

He’s also running his yap about Britney Spears for the millionith time in the latest issue of GQ:

“When we initially parted ways, I felt like she had a couple of opportunities to just sort of stick up for me, and she didn’t.”

It’s probably difficult for someone to do that when you’re pimping out their name to boost your own celebrity. And Justin, Janet Jackson called — she said “Deja Vu, bitch.”

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