Lil Jon: We Live In A Violent Society…YEAH!!!!!!!

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I know what you’re thinking. How can anyone advocate violence throwing up that sign?

Super producer, rapper, and notorious yeller, Lil Jon, is shouting (I’m sure literally) back at those who claim hip hop promotes violence among kids. The man behind such songs as “Knockin Heads Off” and “Push That Nigga, Push That Hoe” says, “We live in a violent society. There’s f**king fighting at techno clubs. S**t, there might be a fight at a bar mitzvah. They just wanna blame it on hip hop because it’s convenient.”

I heard you niggas dont like me, like me
I know you boys wanna fight me, fight me
I know where yo kids and yo wife be, wife be
Bust a nigga head to the white meat, white meat

Or maybe they can read. Not so says Mr. “Heads Off (My Niggas).” “I think they’re mad that we’re making so much cash. We’re young black men with money, power and influence and they don’t like that.”

You built your fortune helping perpetuate age old stereotypes about black men and women while they reap even bigger profits and they hate that. WHAT?!?

“I’m just a party guy. I’m the motherf**ker that makes you forget about your problems in your life.”

Yep. I turn on “I Don’t Give A Fuck” and all of the days ills are long forgotten. Thank you, Lil Jon. Thank you.

“I’m not the one to really be preaching to anyone. It’s not my thing.”

That’s too bad. We need more obnoxious shouters in the world. But, notice how he says he’s not a preacher, yet supposedly people are mad at him and other rappers because they yield some influence with the public.

Now on to more pressing matters: The fuck going on with his teeth? His mouth is looking like the yellow brick road. People with that much money should have top notch teeth.

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