Good Riddance

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It’s a little too late for that, Joe. I haven’t made a politically themed post in quite some time. Why? Well, to be blunt, the shit is depressing. I loathe this administration and elephants in donkey’s clothing like Joe Lieberman annoy the living shit out of me for forgetting what it means to be in the opposition party. But, this morning, there’s good news. The former Vice Presidential candidate and current Bush ass kisser was defeated by political unknown Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic state primary. Lamont defeated Lieberman 52 percent to 48 percent in Tuesday’s primary. Lieberman has already filled out the paperwork to run as an independent in the general election.

Let’s see. You’re a national political figure and you had your ass handed to you by an unknown whose whole campaign centered on not being a dope like you for supporting the war in Iraq. If you’re the incumbent and you can’t even win your own party’s primary, what makes you think you’re going to knock ’em dead come November? Wait, I’m trying to find logic in a man that kisses George Bush. Nevermind.

Democrats have already flocked to Lamont. But, Joe does have his supporters. You know Bill O’Reilly, John Gibson, and Ken Mehlman. Way to garner sympathy from your fellow Democrats, Joe.

Media outlets have already began speculating on what exactly cost Lieberman the election. Was it the bloggers? And by bloggers, they mean those silly kind; the ones that ask way too many questions and expect accountability from politicians for their actions. But, not everyone is foolish enough to place the blame solely on those that vent their frustrations online. Read Joshua Micha Marshall of Time Inc’s “Lieberman Lost The Old-Fashioned Way.”

Lieberman, like many moderate Democrats are simply out of touch. Hopefully, letters like the one penned by Michael Moore send a message to Democrats.

One down, a whole lot more to go.

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