Too Little, Too Late, Timberbitch

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You’s a bitch.

Did anyone catch All Eyes on Justin Timberlake last nite? Besides watching John Norris swoon over Timbertwat and pay him compliment after compliment for half an hour (someone has a crush), we learned that Justin’s influences this week include Prince and David Bowie. If you’re wondering, no he’s never mentioned being influenced by Prince or Bowie before. Surprise, surprise.

He also yapped about Britney for the millionth time. Dammit man, get over it. She doesn’t want you. She prefers men who leech from her. Take the L and move on.

What caught my attention was that Justin finally admitted to being a punk ass bitch for his behavior following Nipplegate. Well, he didn’t say it as harshly as I’m putting it, but how else can you describe it really?

He apologized and said he regrets the aftermath of the Superbowl. He went on to add that he should have done more for Janet and that he only got 10% of the blame. He said the fact that he was able to get off scot-free proves that America is harsh on women, particularly “ethnic women.”

Ethnic women, eh?

The timing of his apology is all too convenient, however. His single got no airplay at urban radio, and his second single’s performance will be heavily determined by how many spins he gets on that format. No surprise that the second single features T.I.

When Grammy time came Justin punked out, flaked on Janet, and pretended to be aloof to the whole thing. Now two years later, he’s suddenly feeling a sense of guilt when he has a new album to push.

Cry me a river, bitch. What you’re selling, I’m not buying.

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