DMX: She Raped Me

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In the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister, rapper, actor, reality TV star, and colored version of Steven Segal, DMX spoke candidly about fathering a child with a Washington D.C. woman. The rapper claims that the woman raped him, which resulted in her pregnancy.

“She raped me,” the rapper told S2S editor Jamie Foster Brown. “I mean, you know, that might sound like some bullsh*t. No man has ever been… you know what I mean, like never? Is that the only thing in the world that’s not possible?”

Mrs. Simmons recalled an earlier encounter with the woman. “Before the stuff hit the fan, she came up to us while we were in court and said ‘I work for kids that are sickly,’ said Tashera. “So he said ‘Give her my number.’ That’s how it goes all the time. At first, I said OK. But, then I thought she looked deranged and obsessed with him.”

While his wife “blocks out” the experience to cope, X gained a more valuable lesson: “Turn on the light before I go to sleep,” he said.

I have a couple of questions to ask DMX.

What type of fool do you take us for?

How exactly does this rape thing work? I mean, I could see if you were raped through coerced anal penetration or even oral, but how did she manage to get you sexually aroused, erect, and have sexual intercourse with you through brute force?

Are you aware that you and this story both sound as backwards as this question mark? Explain this to me. Was this woman the size of former WWE female wrestler Chyna or kin to Mo’nique or the Lady of Rage? You seem quite strong, and we all know crackheads can lift an Escalade when high. I need for you to elaborate, so that I understand and feel your pain.

Is this all just an attempt to get a second season of “Soul of a Man?”

Does your wife really believe you, or do you have her smoking whatever it is fooled you into believing the general public would buy this story?

Get at me, dog.
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