20 Questions

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1. Isn’t Gwen Stefani a little old to wind it up?

2. With the release of Kingdom Come, can we agree that Jay’s more like 45 Jordan than 23?

3. Will anyone ever dare ask Ms. Independent Woman herself, Beyonce, just what’s so empowering about a freakum dress?

4. Is Whitney coming back strong like Mariah or going out like Janet?

5. According to Soundscan, Ron Artest has sold 343 copies of his debut rap album, My World. What shocks you more: His selling so few or so many copies?

6. Is Solange stuntin’ like her [real] daddy?

7. Be honest: You’re curious about the next Britney Spears album, aren’t you?

8. Do the producers of America’s Next Top Model and the HR people at BET have a talent exchange program?

9. With disappointing sales of her debut album, Point of No Return, how long before Shareefa goes back to stealing cars?

11. Is Ciara that somebody?

12. What happened to Danity Kane’s second single?

13. Is Diddy salty because he’s been outsold by a novelty act?

14. Now that Bow Wow has accused Lil Romeo of paying BET to prevent the “Shorty Like Mine” video to get to number one on “106 & Park,” isn’t it time for him to cut a switch?

15. Didn’t he originally claim Romeo was broke? Which is it?

16. Does anyone else see the irony in Will.I.Am. producing Nas’ title track, “Hip Hop Is Dead?”

17. Speaking of Nas, when are we getting the new album?

18. In “30 Something,” Jay says 30 is the new 20. Well since Jay is pushing 40, doesn’t that still mean he’s old?

19. Why isn’t Lupe Fiasco selling more?

20. Am I the only who noticed the huge brick Outkast dropped earlier in the year?

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