Re: Defending Michael Richards (a.k.a. Kramer)

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It’s only taken hours for closeted like-minded racists to rush to the aid of Michael Richards after Richards was caught on tape releasing a racist rant at LA’s Laugh Factory. In “Defending Michael Richards (a.k.a. Kramer),” writer Dave McGurgan’s argument centers on the double standards that take place in what he calls a politically correct media.

At one point someone in the audience yells back at Richards, “That was uncalled for you f***ing cracker-ass motherf***er!”

Is anyone going to jump on THAT guy’s case for HIS racist comments? Survey says … no.

This is a point I can actually agree with. You should never stoop to another person’s level as ignorance begets ignorance. But, isn’t it interesting how instead of faulting both for using racial slurs against each other McGurgan instead opts to deflect attention away from Richards’ comments?

I was never a big fan of Seinfeld, but I’m guessing the show was so funny to the point where you have to excuse every idiotic action of the cast members? If that’s the case, perhaps such adulation should have prompted fans to support Richards when he needed the most: his now cancelled post-Seinfold sitcom.

I can hear the knee-jerk reaction of the politically correct media coming a mile away on this one:

Michael Richards is a racist and should apologize for what he’s said.

How much do you want to bet Jesse Jackson gets involved or even worse – sicks his posse on Richards over this?

Posse? Stereotyping much?

Which is a shame because it’s impossible to logically draw the conclusion that he’s a racist from the incomplete and edited piece of tape that only runs two-and-a-half minutes.

Right. When a white person repeatedly says, “He’s a nigger. He’s a nigger.” there’s no way you can tell he’s a racist. Comments like, “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass.” don’t suggest racism at all. This is a comedy show. Ha? Ha? Ha?

Sure, he says “nigger” an awful lot, but without the entire context of the show, we don’t know what factors led up to Richards’ tirade against the heckler.

So it’s ok to use racial slurs so long as you’re provoked? Why didn’t McGurgan employ this same logic for “cracker-ass motherfucker?”

In Richards’ defense, there are those hecklers (often under the influence of alcohol) who repeatedly interrupt performers, ruin the show for everyone and royally piss off the comedian. I’ve seen it happen more than once.

Who wants to bet that McGurgan has also been in a room where people have thrown out the word nigger and references to lynching?

To brand Richards a racist based on this clip or the chatter flying around on the Internet and cable news channels would be stupid, naive and uninformed.

How stupid, naive, and uninformed does McGurgan expect his readers to be? Why don’t you ask him.

And if you feel like sending a note to the owner of the Laugh Factory, who allowed Richards to perform the next day after clearing the room with his racist tirade, here you go:

The owner’s name is Jamie Masada.

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