All I Want For 2007

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I initially wanted to do a ‘best of’ list, but I just couldn’t sit down long enough to think about anything particularly noteworthy to write about. It’s called laziness. So, instead of focusing on the old, this entry is dedicated to what I look forward to in 2007.

The release of Teedra Moses’ sophomore album, The Young Lioness.

While Nas is pissing off emcees all over for declaring hip hop dead, let me go ahead and chime in that R&B should be buried right beside it. But, like hip hop, there are a few artists who still produce quality music that breaths new life into an otherwise dying genre. These artists include Teedra Moses, who I’ve been obsessing over since the release of her debut album, Complex Simplicity. She’s the first artist I ever interviewed, and she was kind enough to not make me feel like a complete idiot, though I might have sounded like one over the phone.

She’s the type of artist that creates albums you listen to over and over again – never sounding dated; getting better and better with each listen. Quite the rarity in the world of contemporary R&B. Besides, with lines like “Well I, I don’t think you realize, that you, you don’t even have a chance. When I, spit my G at you, I bet you won’t know how to act (act). It’s that bad,” one can’t help but fall in love with her swagger.

If “Blow Me Out” and “Take My Love Away” are any indication of what her second album will sound like, my faith in R&B may be temporarily restored. Hopefully, TVT will promote her more this go round.

The return of ‘The Boondocks’

Al Sharpton may not be a fan, but I love “The Boondocks” and I’ve been patiently awaiting the start of the second season since reading that Cartoon Network ordered an additional 20 episodes. Those episodes were to begin airing in late 2006, but the start off the second season was pushed back evidently. Still not overly enthused with the use of the word nigga, but I enjoy Huey, Jasmine, and Uncle Ruckus too much to tune off. This is all I have left since Aaron axed the strip. People used to liken me to Huey. Not sure about that, but he’s a much better role model than any rapper on the Hot 100!

“I Love New York”

Outside of New York’s sidekick minstrel, I can’t wait to see the spinoff of my favorite guilty pleasure. Gotta love the antics people will pull for a few extra minutes of TV time!

January 02, 2007. It’s about fucking time.

Don’t judge me.

Miss Kelly

Will she find a backbone? Will she promote her own album on her time and not Beyonce’s the way she did during the Simply Deep era? Will she not let former bandmate LeToya Luckett show her up? Time will tell when Kelly Rowland releases her second album, currently titled Miss Kelly. If you happened to catch the “Destiny Fulfilled…And Loving It” tour, you’ll notice Kelly might be more inspired by Diana Ross than Beyonce is, hence the new album title.

Sony thankfully shelved her album in the summer, offering Kelly more time to come up with a better record. I’m looking forward to hearing the new product.

Also anticipating new albums from: Trey Songz, Redman, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Usher, Maxwell (I hope they finally release this damn album), and Brandy.

Still holding out hope, even though it might be pointless: D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill.

I can’t remember who else drops besides 50, who by the way, I hope 2007 marks the beginning of the end. I read on MTV News that he promises a softer side, even pushing for a more R&B-leaning sound. So basically, he’s becoming Ja Rule.

It’s only a matter of time before she pisses off the wrong demographic.

The return of underwear

When Pam Anderson becomes the standard barrier for class in Hollywood, there’s a problem. Lindsey, Britney, and Paris, take not. If I see one more celebrity crotch, I’m calling myself gynecologist to the stars.

In 2006 Justin brought sexyback. In 2007, may Nicole Richie bring back our appetite.

Britney: The Cleaner Years

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think she can make a comeback. Granted, she ruined a golden opportunity to recreate herself as a strong single mother with a good head on her shoulders post dumping of K-Fed, but that’s what money, publicists, and stylists are for. Judge all you want, but I enjoyed In The Zone and look forward to the marvels that she, skilled producers, and the magician that is Protools will release in the near future.

Please don’t blow it…again.

Happy 2007 everyone!

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