Round Two

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Yes. Another entry on Oprah. I know, I know. But I couldn’t go without commenting on this article. It’s from writer Linda Stasi of the New York Post. In the previous entry, I wrote about my frustrations with Oprah’s choice of words to describe inner city children. Stasi, on the other hand, seems to be enraged over how the billionaire chooses to spend her own money.

OPRAH Winfrey needs an education and needs one badly. So, please, let me be the first to offer her a big course in basic common sense. Right off: How in hell do you think it’s OK to spend $40 million to build a school in another country when one third of the kids in your country will likely drop out of school this year? And on what planet is it a good idea to build a school 9,000 miles from your own hometown – before you build one in Chicago where nearly 50 percent of public school kids don’t graduate? Do I have to spell it out in one of the 11 official South African languages for you to get it?

Where do I begin?

Shouldn’t Stasi direct her questions about drop out rates to the government and school districts?

Wait. It gets better.

I mean, seriously, does it make sense to go to South Africa with 200 of your celebrity pals who wore cleavage-baring outfits to publicize the opening of a school for disadvantaged girls when something like 86 percent of the kids in public schools in your hometown are poor?

Mayor Daley, I believe Stasi wants to interview you.

To my knowledge, Mariah was the only one with her breasts out. It’s Mariah Carey. You know she doesn’t know any better. She was born wearing stillettos and clothes two sizes too small. That’s Mariah’s thisel and it’s not Oprah’s fault.

That is not to say that you haven’t offered millions in scholarship money to Morehouse College, and millions more for underprivileged gifted minority students – and God bless you for it – but really . . .

So Stasi can acknowledge that Oprah has made charitable contributions towards education in this country. God bless you for it? That’s too nice. Something must be coming.

Ever think about building a new school to replace, say, the Carver Middle School in Chicago that’s on “academic watch status” because only about 158 out of 500 students meet basic educational standards? Dear God. That’s like a Third World country statistic!

There it is. Why don’t you get residents to complain to the school board that their kids aren’t performing as well as the children in Cuba?

Yeah, I’ve about had it with you and anyone else who relates more to the country of their ancestors than with the USA where we were all were raised, fed and educated well enough to earn enough dough to run back “home” to lend these helping hands.

Yes, we should be oh so grateful to ole Massa for bringing us on over to America and teach us about the importance of volunteer work through forced labor. We should also thank America for making sure we really understood the adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A century of legalized disenfranchisement? Sounds like a lesson learned to Stasi.

I’m not saying Americans regardless of race shouldn’t be grateful for the opportunities that this country presents to us, but Stasi seems to be devoided of basic knowledge of American history.

My own grandfather was orphaned at 6 years old in Calabria, Italy and as a little kid lived in a barn, and carried rocks on his back to construction sites to earn enough money so he and his younger brother, who was a dwarf, wouldn’t starve to death.

When they finally walked out of Calabria as teenagers and made it to the U.S., trust me, they never looked back.

Well good for him.

Honest, I understand how you feel about going to Africa and giving back.

It’s obvious she doesn’t.

But in reality, none of our ancestors came here voluntarily – whether they were stolen and viciously brought here packed together on slave ships or managed passage in the filthy hold of a ship because they were down to eating dirt in their own countries.

Is she for real? Is she really comparing the story of poor whites voluntarily coming to America to the Middle Passage and the enslavement of an entire race of people? Someone slap this bitch with Oprah’s wallet.

How Oprah spends her money is her own business. Oprah spent 40 million to help save young girls being raped, beaten, and in some cases murdered in South Africa. The U.S. government spends 8 billion dollars each month on the war in Iraq. You would think Stasi has bigger fish to fry, but she writes for the Post, so go figure.

I’m expecting future articles on Madonna and Brangelina. I’m “sure” we’ll see those published any day now. Yawn.

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