Lieberman Pulls The Ultimate Hoe Move

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I know politics doesn’t rank high on many people’s favorite list of topics, so I know there’s a strong chance I might have already lost a good number of you with the picture of Bush kissing his main piece in the Senate. I would invite you to allow me a chance to make this political rant entertaining yet informative, however.

I’ll start by getting to the theme of this entry: Senator Joseph Lieberman is a bitch.

Bush’s bitch. A selfish bitch. A backpedaling bitch. And worst of all, a lying bitch.

Why such venom directed at the bitch? Last year, after Joe Lieberman, an incumbent, lost the Democratic primary to political novice and anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont, he stubbornly remained in the election, failing to acknowledge the obvious: Democrats in Connecticut don’t like his punk ass.

Remaining in the election as an independent, Lieberman promised voters that, if elected, he would see to it that hearings would be held on the Bush administration’s gross mishandling of the events following Hurricane Katrina.

One of things Lieberman’s bitch ass (keeping in mind with the theme of the entry) complained about most was the failure to turn over key records that would shed light on internal White House operations, some of which include President Bush.

Last year, on the campaign trail, Lieberman was a vocal critic of the administration’s mishandling of natural disaster. He was especially dismayed by its failure to turn over key records that could shed light on internal White House deliberations about what to do in the hurricane’s aftermath, some of which include President Bush.

Some of this information has been leaked to the press. Here you can read various emails sent out during the crisis, all of which suggest the following: idiots run the country.

Of course, there is much more information out there, all of which likely expose the incompetence of this administration even further. However, don’t count on Lieberman anymore. Newsweek has revealed that Lieberman has pulled the ultimate bitch move (Does repeatedly saying bitch makes this more an interesting read? I hope so, as it’s what I’m counting on.) and stepped away from plans to push Bush and co. to release documents highlighting their stupidity – stupidity that led to the death of hundreds of people.

Why? According to his spokesperson, Senator Lieberman (the bitch) would like to focus on more pressing matters like the security of the American people. That’s code for I’d rather dick-ride the buffoon-in-chief on plan number 75 to save us from the think less war we engaged in Iraq than keep my word and work on seeing that people are never treated this poorly again.

Of course, Lieberman has responded to the Newsweek article. A summation: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You can respond to his response here. I myself have been contemplating on how to respond. So far all I have is copying and pasting these lyrics and sending them to the Senator.

I hope I have done my part to make political stories more relatable.

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