Gisele: My Family Helped Me Starve?

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Gisele Bundchen: En route to Popeye’s

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has chimed in on the current debate over models, body image, and eating disorders. According to Gisele, the fashion industry, the media, and as Mo’nique would put it, evil skinny bitches, aren’t to blame for some models having poor body image issues that leads them developing eating disorders in order to maintain a twig-like frame. Just who is to blame?

“I never suffered this problem because I had a very strong family base. The parents are responsible, not fashion,” the model told a local Brazilian paper.

The model goes on to add: “Everybody knows the standard for models is to be thin, but you can’t generalize and say that all models are anorexic.”

She has a point. It is wrong to generalize. However, the stretch to insinuate that the pressure to be thin is what causes so many models to develop eating disorders is about as wide as her waist.

And not to deal a low (or high) blow to Gisele, but while she didn’t suffer the pressure to be thin (because she’s naturally a waif), she did succumb to some pressures obviously, since she has two special friends in her chest that have helped her earn her fortune.

She’s in a bit of denial if she doesn’t see the correlation between the thin-is-eternally-in fashion industry and the models starving themselves or purging to fit the mold. But, given that she probably doesn’t eat much, there’s probably not enough air going to hear head for her to think it all the way through anyway. Understandable.

Has watching America’s Top Model taught us nothing? That’s exactly why third season Top Model contestant Toccara Jones was robbed: the fashion industry hates curvy women.

She was just too much woman for Tyra to love. Strange’, Tocarra. Strange’

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