She’s At It Again

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It seems the ultimate war wages on between Rosie O’Donnell’s big foot and her even bigger mouth. This time Rosie’s pissed at the judges of American Idol for what she feels was humiliating criticism of two prospective contestants. Hmm, I don’t know how else to describe them other than that one guy that resembled Cartman from South Park, and his friend, the guy that looked like an extra from Lord of the Rings.

Click me.

Edit: Youtube has removed two of the links. Haters.

Notice how Rosie chastises Simon, Paula, and Randy for mocking the two contestants’ physical features, yet she insinuates Paula Abdul is drunk on the job with her one eye wandering reference.

You’re mad at Paula for making fun of people on national television so what do you do in return? You make fun of people on national television, of course.

This must be why Rosie is lauded as one of the kinder souls in entertainment, right?

I understand that she’s on a talk show and that format permits her to give opinion after opinion after opinion. My only thing about Rosie is that she’s a hypocrite in every sense of the word.

Since she left Simon and Randy out, I guess we’ll stick with her criticism of Paula. So Paula is wrong for laughing at two contestants with the musical ability of someone that’s been dead for six months, but it’s ok to mock someone possibly suffering from addiction? I guess in Rosie’s eyes it is ok, since this is the same person that used to blast former View co-host Star Jones for not revealing the details of her weight loss, but never once owned up to the fact that she used to lie about her sexuality on her own daytime talk show years prior.

The same Rosie who called Regis and Kelly co-host Kelly Ripa a homophobe for her words with Idol contestant Clay Aiken, though Aiken himself has denied being gay – which basically means Rosie outed him.

If you’ve seen the show a couple of times over the years, you would know Paula isn’t the least bit malicious. Moreover, you know that more times than not, many of these prospective contestants know they have no musical talent, but still choose to go on the show and face public berating for the sake of gaining a small taste of notoriety.

And these “poor applicants” Rosie’s championing for appeared on the Today Show earlier this morning. The Today Show wanted to spotlight Idol producers “exploitation” of those two by exploiting them on their own network.

Both didn’t seem too troubled. They already have agents lined up and plan to go into movies. Oh, and they must have enjoyed appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, because they mentioned it several times in the few minutes air time they had.

Paula, call Donald. Allow him to be your new MC Skat Kat and let him pop it right back to Rosie. You’re not nearly as bad as she’s making you out to be.

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