Sausage, Egg, & Death with Cheese?

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Would you like to make this order a combo?

If Supersize Me couldn’t get you to stop eating at McDonalds (It didn’t stop me. I’m broke and nuggets are good and cheap), maybe this will.

A Florida woman claims she found a razor blade in her sausage, egg, and cheese Mcmuffin.

Do you see why I stopped eating pork?

The manager of the store told the po po’s that the employees do use razor blades, though they’re unsure if the blade found in the woman’s sandwich is the same type of blade they use.

Call it a hunch, but I’m going to assume that it’s very likely that it is, unless one of the employees who keeps a razor blade under her tongue as a security coughed and her blade fell right over the melting cheese.

Restaurant owner Cynthia Kennedy said in a statement that the public should be wary of making assumptions about the incident.

“Absolutely nothing is more important to me than operating safe restaurants. We take great pride in the food we serve our customers and set rigorous standards for food and restaurant safety,” Kennedy said. “We strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without having all the facts.”

You tell them, Cynthia. Ya’ll don’t know nothing about nothing. That could have been anyone’s razor blade.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Kenyan said he found a razor blade in the manager’s desk that resembled the one found in Bovey’s sandwich.

Damn, homie.

I’m sure somewhere Cynthia is telling her attorney’s, “That razor blade was probably planted there. It’s a conspiracy!”

The woman says she feels like she slightly cut her lip and was talking to attorneys.

Forget slightly cutting my lip. I’d say I can barely use my tongue to order onion rings from Burger King.

Bring on the lawsuit and all the free hookups on supersized fries and extra nuggets you can offer.

So, is this going to stop you from ordering the six piece nugget on the dollar menu for fears that you’ll find a spare bullet mixed in your sweet and sour sauce?

Don’t lie. You’ll still be going.

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