Dreamgirls Make Black History

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When I first heard the rumor that Jennifer Hudson would be gracing the cover of Vogue, my initial reaction was, “Negro, grow up.” When I saw the March issue of Vogue and saw Jennifer Hudson on the cover, I headed over to Google to find out if Anna Wintour died. I am not a Vogue aficionado, but I do know Anna Wintour hasn’t placed many black women on the cover, let alone anyone of Jennifer Hudson’s size. I remember hearing that even the Goddess of Media herself, Oprah Winfrey, was forced by Wintour to lose a substantial amount of weight before she could appear on the cover. So, although Jennifer Hudson is purposely placed in a position to mask her atypical(to the fashion world anyway…everyone else eats) figure, it’s still quite a feat for all of Hudson to appear on cover. Apparently, Hudson is the first black female in over twenty years to appear on the uber important March issue (I love the internet for explaining why this is such a big deal as I am someone without a clue), and one of only a handful of black women who have been allowed to serve the fashion bible with a well needed dose of melanin.

Hudson has been enjoying a publicity blitz that includes the covers of Essence and Giant magazines, as well as a bevy of praise in the media for what seemingly seems to be an Oscar-winning performance of fallen Dreamgirl, Effie White.

But for Hudson to grace the cover of Vogue is quite the coo. Undoubtedly, it’s something co-star Beyonce Knowles has lobbied to get, but unfortunately, the editor-in-chief is thinking more Heavy, Heavy this go ’round.

Me thinks Beyonce and the original and very much embittered Effie, Jennifer Holliday, are somewhere co-writing a suicide note.

But alas, Beyonce wouldn’t be Beyonce if she didn’t try to find a way to steal some spotlight a way from the next chick. Beyonce is the second black female and the first non-athlete or model to appear on the coveted swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. It’s no Vogue, but for the Popeyes-munching beauty, it’s still a worthy of mention accomplishment.

However, once you take a look at this video posted on SI.com, you get the sense that this is nothing more than another opportunity for Beyonce to sell us something else — namely her repackaged B’Day album and her mother’s latest venture in tackying up the world: a House of Dereon swimsuit line. The seas haven’t seen anything this frightening since Jaws.

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