Foxy Brown: Cheesecake Thief

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And she’s been considered crazy for nearly a decade.

Fresh off of getting yet another pass from the judge – instantly reigniting fear in Asian nail technicians everywhere in the process – the poster child for anger management and delusions of grandeur herself, Foxy Brown is making the news again. And surprise, surprise, it concerns pilferage.

Who’s the Ill Na Na stealing from this week? Apparently, it’s famed Brooklyn restaurant, and Making the Band Season 2 members most treasured music industry memory, Juniors.

According to owners, much like her habit of lying about album release dates and discovering new ethnicities to claim every six months or so, Foxy also likes to skip out on paying for her meals.

On last Friday Foxy dined on fried calamari and ice cream soda (That combination gets the same reaction I give to her fuchsia lipstick: eww.), then left without paying the $53 bill. Someone from her entourage (Ha!) came back to settle the bill, though the manager declined, instead asking that the rapper never return.

You know it’s bad when a manager for a restaurant on Flatbush asks you not to come back.

It was just last week that Foxy told reporters after her court hearing that she was on the road to recovery from the dreaded, “I’m a psychopathic bitch” disease: “I believe Judge Jackson believes I’m trying to work hard. She seems to be saying, ‘I’m pulling for you, kiddo.’ She’s seeing the maturity in me and she believes in me. I’m at the rebuilding stage as a person,” the habitual liar said.

But, judging from this recent article on Foxy’s banishment from Juniors, it doesn’t seem like Foxy’s grown much at all.

“First of all, none of the waiters want to serve her because she’s known for cursing out people, so the [night] manager took her order,” said Stainrod, the daytime boss, who said Foxy’s fave is the strawberry cheesecake.

No wonder Foxy champions Naomi Campbell so much. Oh wait, it gets better.

After ordering fried calamari and an ice cream soda, Brown spilled the drink on herself, then allegedly demanded the restaurant pay to clean her “$2,000 Dolce & Gabbana jacket.” “She said ‘Get this guy to clean it up, clean it up immediately!’ ” said Stainrod. “The manager told her to take it easy, relax, she started to curse him out, she said ‘F- you.’ “

Foxy is always talking about what she has on and how much it cost. I don’t know why she’s acting like that, considering she can just steal another one anyway. You would think someone who hasn’t had a major hit since the late 90s would have learned a bit of humility by now.
I’d love for her to talk about this, though:

Note to Foxy: It’s just as necessary to styles in Burberry as it is to pay your taxes. And if you keep acting like a walking advertisement for psychotherapy, you and those Frankie B. jeans will be doing a mean walk in jail…bwoy.

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