The Children Are Our Future

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Meet Lil Mama, the latest example of why I need to let go of past prejudices and give country music a chance. The video is hysterical in a “Is this shit for real?” sort of way. On her myspace page, the 17-year-old rapper, assures audiences that “unlike kiddie rappers who rely heavily on short-sited gimmicks,” she is a “multi-faceted artist who boasts the ability to sing, rap and write her own material.”

What’s more, Lil’ Mama promises that her debut album, Voice of The Young People, will explore “the mindset of a young woman who is truly wise beyond her years.” Indeed, a song called “Lip Gloss” that’s essentially about wearing some magic lip gloss that transforms your lips into some popularity generating force of nature doesn’t sound the least bit gimmicky. Only the mature crowd would understand such sensitive musings like, “I Said My Lip Gloss Is Cool, My Lip Gloss Be Poppin, I’m Standing At My Locker, And All The Boys Keep Stoppin.” If you can’t see the depth in that, your lips are probably crusty.

To be fair, Lil’ Mama does speak of other songs with more serious subject matter (Although what’s more serious than they need to have boys stop by your locker?). “Somber songs like “Life” explore a foster child’s journey and the hardships of a pregnant teenager.” I’m guessing there’s a connection between the boys checking stopping to check out her lip gloss and the little Revlon in the oven.

“Everybody’s talking about the same things on the radio-murder, sex and drugs,” says Mama. “They have people behind them telling them it’s cool and I disagree. There are so many more people struggling and going through so much and to hear somebody brag about the jewelry and stuff like that, it’s overrated.”

Now that I agree with, but, will the little fast ass girls currently failing to walk correctly in their mother’s shoes get that?

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