If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

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Look at those heathens. Protest on, sinners.

Yesterday, the Vatican’s second-highest ranking doctrinal official shared his thoughts on gay marriage, abortion, and euthanasia. The Catholic Church, ever the bastion of sympathy, sent out Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to voice sentiments piggybacking off those made by Pope Benedict XVI and other high-ranking Vatican officials in an effort to influence the Italian government, where officials are currently considering offering more rights to homosexuals. Perish the thought.

Archbishop Amato, in an obvious gesture at opening up dialogue between the Catholic Church and gay members who might find themselves on the outs, branded homosexual marriage as evil.

Amato didn’t just target the gays, however. He also had words for issues concerning life and death in a recent speech.

He listed these as abortion clinics, which he called “slaughterhouses of human beings,” euthanasia, and “parliaments of so-called civilized nations where laws contrary to the nature of the human being are being promulgated, such as the approval of marriage between people of the same sex …”

Laws contrary to nature? Someone hasn’t been reading much about science lately. Let me guess: Global warming is nothing more than wretched leftist propaganda, too, right? As for that swipe at Italy (re: “so-called civilized nations”), that sounds like some old European rhetoric used to force people into conforming into their way of thinking and worshiping. Oh wait…nevermind.

In an address to chaplains, Amato said newspapers and television bulletins often seemed like “a perverse film about evil.” He denounced “evils that remain almost invisible” because the media presented them as “expression of human progress.”

“Evils that remain almost invisible.” That’s sort of like the Catholic Church spending tens of millions of dollars to pay back many, many, many young little boys who found themselves sexually molested by Catholic priests, isn’t it? Also reminds me of several high-ranking Catholic officials knowing about it, though they dare not address it publicly. I see game peeps game.

Perverse. Ha. Too easy.

After denouncing “abominable terrorism” such as that carried out by suicide bombers, he condemned what he called “terrorism with a human face,” and accused the media of manipulating language “to hide the tragic reality of the facts.”

Speaking of terrorism with a face, didn’t they elect one of Adolf’s old followers as Pope?

I wonder how many Hail Mary’s he had to say for penance.

P.S. Please no one forward this entry to my mother.

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