Break Yo Self, Fool

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Who knew Sears offered the same backdrops as all of the ghetto malls and hole-in-the-wall clubs around the country?

Fresh off of his saying his first words (which I assume were the words “Go getta”), everyone’s favorite thug-in-training, Lil Rock, son of Big Bird, R&B singer Monica, has had another photoshoot.

He looks like a Jolly Rancher that’s holding (a gun, for those who might have missed that :).

I realize I’m not a parent, so the scope of my criticism can only go so far, but has Osh Kosh stop manufacturing children’s clothes? Must Monica, and every ign’t bird for that matter, dress their young black male son as a thug?

Does he have to look like he’s hustlin’ chewable vitamins on the side for extra Capris Sun money?

I’m sitting here wondering how long it will be before he’s robbing little Daniel Juelz (Solange’s son) in Pre-K for his Teddy Grahams.

I wonder if his juice cup is blinged out. Or if he’s already gone on his first run? If so, did his mother hide the pound in his diaper bag?

Either way I’m expecting the prison pose by second grade.

Before you start to wonder, I’m not a product from suburbia, so this isn’t a rant from some elitist. Hardly. I grew up around people that look exactly like Rock — only they weren’t considered still a newbie in regards to walking.

It’s natural for people to be influenced by what’s around them and it being reflected in their appearance, outlook on life, etc. But, how old is this kid again? He doesn’t know what’s going on. His mother is the cause of this.

I’ll never understand why people glorify something that I personally worked very hard to separate myself from. I get that we all can’t change, but can’t a kid be a kid? Wait until he’s 18 to give him his first glock! Don’t give it to him as a kindergarden graduation gift.

I really like Monica as a vocalist, and in interviews, she comes across as intelligent. But pics like these remind me that all if Monica came with a biscuit, she’d be just like every order in Popeyes.

And that really annoys me.

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