Beanie Sigel Does Joan Rivers

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There’s nothing like watching a video of a homophobic ignorant jackass spew a bunch of stereotypes to remind you to be thankful that you’ve read a book.

I really don’t like using the term, but this video is nothing but utter dumb nigga shit. It serves as palpable proof that ignorance and intolerance still consumes too many black men in America and that we still have a long ways left to go.

Far too many black men are consumed with proving they have a dick than they are showing any sign of having a brain, which leads to the Beanie Sigel’s of the world.

Obviously high, Beans calls out Kanye West and Pharrell for their style of dress, which he feels isn’t representative of the hood.

Not to come across like the jackass who robs children of their innocence after revealing the truth about Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, but not everyone is from the hood, Beans. Moreover, not everyone from the hood is cut from the same cloth. We don’t all look, act, and dress the same way. People who don’t grow up in the best surroundings are not some monolith. No faction of society completely is.

Kanye and Pharrell are both products of suburbia, so big shocker that they’re not trying to be something that they’re not.

While I’m no fan of Kanye’s personal style, if I had to choose between him and Beanie, I’d choose Kanye any day of the week. Reason being I can lose the manbag a lot easier than I can the orange jump suit.

I get what Bean’s is trying to say, but he comes across as ignorant and insecure, not to mention an all-around hater.

Being a self-professed Louie Vuitton Don may not be for everyone, but neither is being a
drug-addict deadbeat father that remains in and out of prison. The latter isn’t cool to be either, Beans.

You’re that uncomfortable with gay people yet you engage in behavior that results you in landing in a setting full of men giving each other oral massages and intense prostate exams. Genius.

Don’t smoke too many blunts before you hop in front of the camera next time.

By the way, arguing over fashion is mad gay.

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