Someone’s Going To Have To Go To Confession

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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is getting political…again. A few months ago, Gisele spoke out on the debate over models, body image, and eating disorders. This time, she’s stepping into the more heated debate over the use of contraceptives and abortion in her home country of Brazil.

Brazil is the world’s largest Roman Catholic country. The Pope visited the country only a month ago, speaking out against condoms, abortion, and same sex marriage. The Brazilian government is currently clashing with the church over its anti-AIDS programs in which millions of free condoms are distributed to Brazilians. Health Minister Jose Temporao has also called for a national referendum on abortion.

The Brazilian beauty, one of the world’s top models, told Folha de S.Paulo newspaper in an interview that when the Church made its laws centuries ago, women were expected to be virgins. “Today no one is a virgin when they get married … show me someone who’s a virgin!” she said. Asked about abortion, she said a woman should have the right to choose what is best for her. “If she thinks she doesn’t have the money or the emotional condition to raise a child, why should she give birth?” “It’s ridiculous to ban contraceptives — you only have to think of the diseases that are transmitted without them. I think it should be compulsory to use a contraceptive.”

Someone go ’round up a bunch of virgins and stand them in front of Gisele and say, “A-ha,” like Eddie Murphy (as the white guy in the barbershop) did in Coming to America. Y’know, just to let her know it is still possible to be a virgin before one is married.

I have nothing else smart to say — about her anyway. Team Bundchen.

Bundchen is taking a risk by speaking out against the church, as other Brazilian celebrities, including singer Daniela Mercury have felt the wrath of the church. Mercury was banned from performing at a Vatican Christmas concert in 2005 because she took part in a campaign promoting condom use to prevent AIDS.

But, unless the Vatican plans on having a fashion show anytime soon, I think Gisele will be alright.

Now on to Benny.

The former Nazi and now Pope Benedict XVI was under fire himself in Brazil for his comments over Christian colonization in the country.

In a speech to Latin American and Caribbean bishops at the end of a visit to Brazil, the Pope said the Church had not imposed itself on the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

They had welcomed the arrival of European priests at the time of the conquest as they were “silently longing” for Christianity, he said.

Of course, millions of tribal Indians died as a result of European colonization backed by the Church through mass murders, disease or enslavement.

These same Indians today struggle for survival, stripped of their traditional ways of life and excluded from society.

Even after being criticized by his own fellow Catholics, he failed to apologize.

While I understand the idea is to save souls, I’m thinking it’s much better for the soul to save millions of lives if you’re capable to versus letting people die over a preventable disease. With that being said, while I don’t share Gisele’s view that virgins are an endangered species, I’ll side with her over the Euro-centric we did you a favor then, now continue to obey us ex-Nazi.

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