I Have To Like You, Like You

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Whenever I think about entertaining other people’s suggestions that I give politics I try, I read articles like “Hillary Searches For Her Inner Jock” from the New York Times, and I’m quickly reminded that given the way the American political system works, I’d probably be shot dead mid-campaign.

I’ve previously blogged about Hillary Clinton a number of times. I like her, personally. Politically, I’m suspicious of both her and her husband given their admiration for triangulation (staying to the center at all costs, forgoing any real opinion in favor of what sounds good)— and love of huge corporate donors. Still, when I read articles such as these, I actually feel slightly bad for her.

Who really cares if Hillary isn’t actively engaged in a sport? Apparently, most Americans do. Of course, these are the same Americans who voted an habitual liar and ex-coke head to the Presidency – twice- so go figure.

In the article there’s a quote offered by one of her donors saying, “How does a 59-year-old mama run against sexy Obama?” What a finely worded testament to ageism and patriarchy.

The writer goes on to ask how can Hillary show personality through sports the way past presidents have shown.

They list Reagan riding horseback, the first Bush racing speedboats, the second Bush clearing brush (someone inform me, the uncultured one, what that actually means), and Hillary’s own husband, Bill, playing golf.

I’m too young to remember Reagan’s presidency in detail, but I do know about the crack epidemic, Iran/Contra scandal, Reaganomics, his ignorant “Welfare Queen” statement, and a slew of other errors that left the country fucked. I remember the first Bush not doing much of anything outside of the first Iraqi war and along with a little white lie called “no new taxes,” and Clinton leading the biggest economic expansion in American history along with tawdry details about his several lucid extra-marital affairs (that I really didn’t need to know about). I can remember a stained GAP dress, but nothing about Clinton pretending to be Tiger Woods. What about you?

Not to be outdone, the writer of the piece is quick to remind us that even if Condoleezza Rice ran for President, she could play up her love for the NFL. Ok, I do remember ole Condi saying she would love to be NFL Commissioner. However, I remember her being a part of this dimwitted narcissistic administration that’s made the world an incredibly unsafe place a lot more.

The Clinton camp is quoted as saying that if the presidential nomination comes down to experience, competence and gutsiness (rather than personality), Mrs. Clinton will win.

That strategy worked so well for John Kerry, something I’m sure the machine-like Clinton campaign has made note of. I think Hillary Clinton is likeable. She’s smart, strong with an interesting story. This all translates into raging emasculating feminist bitch to a good faction of the country, naturally.

So now she has two options: Try to be captured on camera playing a sport, and then be criticized for being inauthentic and/or be chastised for playing the “wrong sport” a-la John Kerry and his now infamous wind-surfing spectacle that unfortunately became an actual news story.

I’m guessing she’ll try both, thus giving in to ridiculous public demands by the media that she make herself as likeable as possible for all the wrong reasons instead of the one that should actually matter: Her vision for the future of the country.

I would think such vision, if good for the country, would actually make her all the more endearing to voters. It doesn’t work that way, though. Who cares if the person is the best for the job if you can’t have a beer with them, right?

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