Jay Must Be On That New Shit

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There is a serious drug problem in this country, and there is no greater proof of that than Jay-Z’s recent comments to Entertainment Weekly about Rihanna’s latest album, Good Girl Gone Bad.

Def Jam president and CEO Shawn ”Jay-Z” Carter likens the album to Janet Jackson’s 1986 career-defining masterpiece, Control. ”She’s found her voice,” he says. ”That’s the best thing for any label – to have an artist step in and take control of their own career. She’s left the nest.”

No wonder he jumped on the remix to “Rehab.”

I understand that he’s trying to market an album that, much like it’s predecessors, is already underperforming, but really, though, Control?

Try a more honest approach in selling a record. Like: “Please buy it. Please?”

Janet is someone who worked very hard to create her own sound and carve her own niche in the industry outside of her brother’s shadow. In doing so she went on to become an accomplished and innovative entertainer that’s left her mark in the industry – leaving a clear influence on all acts that have followed her.

And then you have Rihanna. All she’s done thus far is take off Beyonce’s old lace front and exchange it for Pat Benatar’s old wig, shed a few pounds to fit in FeFe Dobson’s old clothes, and ask every A-list producer for a second-tier version of their latest hit.

Nodding your head to whatever an A&R rep tells you to do in order to keep your work visa is not the same as taking control of your career.

Comparing Rihanna to Janet is like comparing a tranny’s remixed penis to a real vagina.

Nah, fool.

Spotted @ SOHH.

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