The King Speaks

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Polow Da Don, the self-professed “King of the White Girls,” has touched on his adoration for white women before. He once touted the oral benefits from the melanin-deficient female to Complex magazine: “My boys would give me junk about it, but [the white girls’] head game is on a different level.”

Polow seems like the shy type. Although it’s painfully obvious that he’s reluctant to give his opinion, Polow expounded on his preference in an interview with All Hip Hop. Now, you call yourself the “King of All White Girls.” Elaborate on that for me.

Polow Da Don: Just the “King of the White Girls.” I ain’t self proclaimed but I run with it. [Laughs] There was a stage in my life where I went crazy with dating white women. I have nothing against black women, but they’re raised differently. White women are raised to respect and serve their men. Black women are taught to question [their men]. Black women look at submission as being weak. White women look at submission as being a woman. And anyone who has a problem with this statement is ignorant. Just look at the divine order; it goes man, woman, child.

Nevermind the fact if you’re a self-important, self-centered, jackass that has a thing for women who won’t question you or your asinine ideology, you’re going to be sure to find all those that fall under that category…black or white.

He passes off a baseless ignorant generalization about two races of women, then dismisses anyone who dares to disagree as ignorant.

Not to mention he’s bastardizing scripture to suit his own argument. God ought to dropkick him in the throat. How’s that for divine order.

If you have a preference, ok, have your preference. But, do you really have to put down black women (and white women for that matter) in order to justify your own issues with black women and predictably, showcase your own insecurities?

I doubt it happens, but I wish he be Vick’d all the same. Or worse: May he end up with Britney Spears.

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