Hip Hop vs. America, Part 01

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Missed part one of the series of debates BET has set up to discuss the siege on hip hop? Think of a group of children pointing at each other and yelling, “You did it!,” “No youuuuuu did it!” back and forth for long a period of time with nothing of note being accomplished at the end of the it. There, I just saved you an hour of your life.

But if you’re curious for a few more details, here’s a short review of some of last night’s panelists.

This man seriously needs to need to hop off 2 Pac’s dick. He’s dead, Dyson. Let the worms have it already. Last night he flexed his extensive vocabulary to say a bunch of nothing, then ended his sermon-style delivered rant by quoting a bunch of rap lyrics and reppin’ the West Coast. We get it: you’re down.

Are you as glad as I am that Nelly no longer covers his pimples with band-aids? Praise Proactiv. I didn’t agree with him completely, but he managed to make a few points of merit and came across as someone with sense. I still think he employs the dodge-and-deflect approach when it comes to owning up to his actions. I appreciate him showing up to talk about “Tip Drill” — albeit a few years late. I’m glad NWA’s lyrics never motivated him to shoot anyone up. But, I’m interesting in knowing how 2 Live Crew (among others) influenced his depictions of women. A-ha!

What an angry little man. I really like him, but dammit if he didn’t sound like the fool last night. He spoke like his front teeth were missing and his tongue had a stroke. Thankfully, I’m from the South, so I could make out most of what he said.

I never agree with him, but the one time I actually don’t mind to hear him speak, he’s mute most of the time. Thanks for not countering Dyson’s nonsense, Stanley.

For the most part, both sides accomplished nothing because instead of listening, they pretty much yelled at each other and at certain points seemed visibly upset. I’m sure books were sold, though. Hooray for that!

If I’m glutton for punishment, perhaps I’ll watch part two later tonight.

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