The Tradition Lives On

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It’s a shame when the word overexposed can explain you before you’re even old enough to say it yourself. Thanks to a media whoring, money-seeking father, an invasive media, and celebrity obsessed-society, little Dannielynn, daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, is being placed on the path towards repeating her mother’s mistakes a little bit earlier than expected.

Her father, photographer, Larry Birkhead, has an agreement with a television producer to produce a reality show. On the show, Birkhead said: “It’s basically the ‘day in the life of daddy duties.’

Sure, it’s you people care about and not the little offspring of Anna Nicole. For all of us with enough sense to see him for the pimp that he is, Birkhead has something to share.

“The truth is, people came to me with pitches, and I haven’t accepted anything. It’s something they continue to talk to me about. It’s multiple networks. I’m listening to what they have to say. I turned down [“Celebrity Rap Superstar”].

He probably only turned down Celebrity Rap Superstar because the time of taping conflicted with Entertainment Tonight’s shooting of Dannielynn’s every single move.

Though I’m not sure if Birkhead and Anna Nicole’s lawyer-creepy obsessed friend Howard Stern really did have a private games of peek-and-poke, Stern’s questionable decisions with financial matters seem to have rubbed off on Birkhead.

Stern didn’t want to answer whether or not he kept the $1.7 million paid from OK! magazine for exclusive photos of him and his daughter or put it in a special account for his daughter as stipulated in the deal.

“I’m not going to discuss contracts because of confidentiality agreements,” Birkhead told us. “And I don’t think it’s anyone’s business. But if I wanted to, I can do whatever I want to, because she’s my daughter.

Dannielynn will be calling Sallie Mae to go to college. That is, if she isn’t shooting her eighth reality show by then.

“Let Anna rest in peace, and let me move on.”

Says the man pushing her daughter to the press for every dollar he can get. That did wonders for Anna Nicole.

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