Me & Mr. Jones

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It looks like the world of closeted conservative homosexuals who camouflage their penchant for penis under the guise of spewing anti-gay rhetoric has found its very own version of Superhead.

Mike Jones (Who?), who outed Christian evangelist leader Ted Haggard as the meth-abusing connoisseur of gay prostitutes we’ve come to know him as, is now hinting that he’s met everyone’s favorite stall cruiser – restroom playboy Senator Larry Craig.

While promoting a book (there’s always a book following a scandal) at a radio station at Palm Springs, Jones hesitated to make that accusation on-air. Since when does someone who calls himself a ‘gay escort’ get modest?

So what did he say on-air?

“One of the things I was good at was figuring out what people did for a living when they came to see me by things they said or their actions.”

That he’s a mind-reader.

“So be in a position where you have to guess what people did for a living, occupation-wise. Someone comes in to you and the first question they say to you is ‘do you follow politics?’ and you would say, ‘yes’. ‘Oh.’ ‘the weather is cold outside, isn’t it? What would you think that person is involved with?

That powerful men like to make small talk that avoids any details about their jobs while they brainstorm the perfect way to ask you how much do you charge to perform a job.

“I will just tell you a gentleman came in and said that exact thing to me.”

“Did he look similar to Senator Craig?” Feingold asked.

“I’ve been with many politicians and all I can tell you is for a fact, that Larry Craig is a hypocrite.”

Basically he said a bunch of nothing during his on-air interview.

Too bad for him, a news camera was rolling and caught him making the accusation about the Idaho Senator during a commercial break.

Feingold asked whether the Senator had seen Jones in a hotel room.

Jones responded, “No, he came to see me.”

Jones then added, “His travel records to Denver have been documented. That’s what I wanted to say.”

Craig’s office has denied these allegations and I don’t blame him. Men who can (allegedly) tap their foot in a public restroom and get ass don’t have to pay for it.

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