On The VH1 Hip Hop Honors

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B.G.! I’d rather see him as a hype man than a heroin addict. Upgrade!

I wasn’t expecting Pharrell, but he did well. See, there’s something positive for the entry.

Glad I got that out of the way, since there’s still the matter of Ice-T. Pop-Pop is crip walkin’. Need I say more?

Watching this made me realize I was way too young to be singing these songs.

How great is it to see the Black Olive Oil back? Where have they been hiding her? Give me another album, Tweet — but make it like the first one. That second one was on some bulls*it.

I love the way Snoop dances. Those are some cat daddy, cool older Uncle moves. I dream to be that Uncle one day. I wish he would teach (St)Eve a thing or two. She’s stiffer than the men in the ‘Tip Drill’ video.

Listening to Keyshia Cole choke through the hook of “Hot Boyz” made me miss Nicole Wray and Lil’ Mo.

Lucky for me the curse of Missy Elliot left Nelly Furtado in tact. I want to take her with me to the club. Loved her performance, loved her freak’um dress.

What is with Ciara? I’ve seen drag queens more graceful. Well, she looked better than she sounded. Hey: backhanded compliments are still compliments.

Only T-Pain could make a person appreciate the vocal ability of Keith Sweat.

I really do like Keyshia ‘The Ghost of Mary’s Past’ Cole’s music, but damn she cannot sing. Or dance. Keyshia sit your old Mary wig wearing ass down. Never dance like LaToya to a Michael Jackson song.

Ne-Yo sounds like he just got kicked in the balls by (St)Eve for making a pass.

Nick Cannon? Seriously? What? Was Vanilla Ice too busy?

Favorite tribute:

I really like Lupe. I wish more people bought his debut album – including me. Yeah, I feel bad, but I was broke. I’ll get the next one. I won’t even use the excuse of him messing up some of the lines. That would make me sound even cheaper.

Either my eyes are playing tricks on me or Busta’s picked up a little weight. He looked like he ate Rah Digga.

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