Pon de Challenge

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My challenge – which I choose to accept – is to write a solely positive entry about one of the blog’s favorite targets: Rihanna.

Can I do it? I don’t know, I’ve been putting it off for a couple of weeks now. I am carefully watching each and every word I type just to make sure I don’t go off and write something like this or that.

A friend of mine is a Rihanna fan and swore that they would get me to like her. This entry is about as close to that goal as they will ever get.

Operation Love Bajan kicked off with a few of her songs being sent to me via IM. And by sending via IM, I mean, sending me a list and requiring me to purchase the tracks on iTunes. Of course.

Some of them were cool, others I won’t touch on as I’m striving for positivity. Ok, I’m lying. I liked all but one of them. I just didn’t want to admit that publicly.

This all occurred during the promotional build up for Rihanna’s third album, Good Girl Gone Bad.

I tried to hate “Umbrella,” but I eventually gave in. It’s a nice song. I really like yelling ‘ella-ella-ella, eh-eh-eh’ for no apparent reason. There, my first compliment.

Second compliment: I like her haircut. She looks a lot better with a shorter cut and with black hair. Moreover, her look this era has also been quite consistent. A lot more consistent than artists that I’m a fan of. Yes, that includes Beyonce. Love her, but last week I saw a picture of her looking like I Dream of Jeannie. Time for a break.

See that. I’m on a roll.

I even have a revelation to disclose: I like her album. There. I said it. Did I buy it? No. I almost did, though. Being stubborn and recalling what I said here, I slowly backed away from the disc at Target the day of its release. I should have went ahead and bought it. It’s a well produced album and a step in the right direction for her musically, should she chose to stick with this sound for future releases.

Have I mentioned an improvement in Rihanna’s on stage presence?

Wipe me down because I’m on.

I’m starting to run out of things to say, so I’m going to rely on one of my best qualities: shallowness.

Rihanna looks beautiful on this cover. It took me a minute to type that sentence, but I played “Say It” in my head, which made it a little easier.

She has great tattoos. Check me out. I am complimenting her from her head down to her feet. Is this not progress?

As for the main picture of this the entry, let me just say nouveau dominatrix wear is being slept on. And no, that is not a backhanded compliment. The leather looks…good…on…her.

I’ll admit, in the past I would threaten to call INS and request that her work visa be revoked, but I no longer feel that way. She can stay.

As for my friend, know that I really really tried with this entry. You know how I feel, yet look at what lengths I went to prove that I can change and be kind to her.

Say it.

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