Fighting ‘The Agenda’

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As you know, gay people are on the warpath in an attempt to interject the homosexual lifestyle into every facet of American society. The gays have been known to do this in the sneakiest of ways: introducing gay characters as normal, average people in various forms of media and entertainment instead of the emotionally disturbed, God-less, society-destroying forces of darkness common sense (in the way of bigotry) dictates gay people be depicted as.

Of course, crusaders like the late Jerry Falwell would not stand for this, calling out the gay agenda even in it’s mildest forms of presentation. Like the sinister gay crusader, Tinky Winky of the Telebubbies. Falwell called out that purse wearing ferry for what he was. Very few people cared, but that doesn’t matter. He spoke his mind freely, no matter how ridiculous he sounded.

Though Falwell has passed on (and likely now shares an apartment with Bert and Ernie), his legacy of pointless debates over whether or not characters popular among children should ever reflect the diverse nation we live in lives on. Now we have individuals like Robert Knight who fight the good fight. This time the dreaded gay menace that advocates tolerance is the Harry Potter series character, Dumbeldore.

As you see in the video, Knight criticizes Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for outing Dumbeldore, saying her revelation makes it hard for parents not comfortable discussing gay people with their children. Like Santa, it’s best to let your children live in fantasy. Santa is real, gay people aren’t.

Knight tells Dan Abram: “The game plan is to interject homosexuality into kids books, school curricula, every possible part of the conversation.”

The horror. That’s scarier than the witchcraft themes in the book.

So why shouldn’t kids know about homos? Well, like Knight says, sexually confused boys will look at this and say, “Hey, I should try it!,” where they will end up getting STDs and all sorts of emotional problems. Like Knight says: “This is not a happy lifestyle.”

Straight people don’t get diseases, and it’s obvious heterosexuality is an automatic guarantee for happiness. Just look at the incredibly low divorce rates in this country.

And so much for the word gay meaning happy. Maybe all this time they meant temporary happiness stemming from drug abuse.

If you’re going after Harry Potter, why not go on and get all the other gay characters out there soiling the minds of children. Like Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Smithers, and Droopy.

Now that I think about it, Scooby Doo and Shaggy always seemed to be a bit too close for comfort. Maybe between Fred and Barney, we should change the name of the Flintstones to Stoneage Mountain.

Stop the madness.

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