I Know You See It

When I was about five, I was at a daycare center called LaPetit Academy. Don’t let the name fool you: The location I went to was up the street, still in the hood, so bad ass kids ran amok. Some of them were haters too. Not everyone appreciated appreciate my dental game back then. At the time my head and the rest of my body hadn’t quite caught up with my two front teeth yet, so some kids trying to crack on me, told me that I looked like the cartoon character, Bucky O’Hare. Haters. I can’t repeat what I said to them…mostly because I can’t remember. I’m sure I flipped them off or repeated some words I heard from the folks standing out in front of my house. I’ve always had a mouth.

Anyway, ever since the Bucky O’Hare incident, I’ve always likened people to cartoon characters. Don’t ask why. I just do. So, while you may call me crazy, below is a set list of observations I’ve made over the years.













If you’re wondering, Ne-Yo is Leonardo, Mike Jones is Michaelangelo, and Tameka’s bitch is Raphael.

Right now either you’re laughing or you’re thinking I’m a bit of a loonboon. But, if you read this blog regularly, you probably have your suspicions about me anyway. So c’mon nah, tell me you can’t see a resemblance in some of these pictures.


  1. Mo'Ree says:

    lol@ 99% on point!

  2. crys says:


    i have to disagree w/ ursh though.

    he more along the lines of the lemonhead guy.

  3. Yellowswan says:

    I choked on my cookies reading this post.

  4. perfectingmeB says:

    LOL….I have to agree with a lot of them.

  5. JASON says:

    Rihanna’s was the funniest. LOL. — jason

  6. RoJay says:

    a damn fool! lol… naw Bucky!

    But you on the money with Farrah and MiMi.

  7. Mr. Jones says:

    lol @ Fantasia looking like the Georgetown Hoya.

  8. the joy says:

    Fat cat though? *Dead*

    And also, gucci mane rounds out the turtle power.

  9. Candy says:

    LOL!!! This is why I love you Bucky O’Hare. Who do I look like??

  10. Candy says:

    Aww fuckin auto-fill put my whole name. Crap!

  11. LMAO. Wow tho… Bucky O’Hare? That cartoon was only on for like 5 mins. Can’t believe u remember that. I’m surprised all ashanti got was a Smurfette… People were doggin her out for a minute