Bottle Action

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There’s something particularly annoying about some ‘aggressives,’ ‘studs,’ men without penises, or whatever you choose to call them. I realize that not every person fits the narrow Western notions of gender that dictates men and women only behave a certain way, but in the end, I still get annoyed by those who get carried away and develop an unnatural attachment to their fictitious dicks. Again, some not all. Some are very cool; others need reality to hit them upside their heads (or between their…).

The ones I’m referring to act a lot like insecure men. The type of man who has to show off his masculinity through fighting, trying to act hard, and clutching his sac as if he lives in constant fear it may try to make an escape. It’s bad enough you have to deal with them. Now you have to deal with some women who want to be just like them.

I once heard a stud tell a man to suck her dick. I wish he had told her, “Leave that to your girlfriend after you plug it in.”

Da Brat always struck me as one of these types, and now she’s lent further credence to my theory by busting a chick in her face with a rum bottle.

Why? Because she bumped into her. What better reason to fight someone is there than that? Oh, wait, you can’t forget stepping on a person’s shoes. That club waitress may have died if she had done that.

Da Brat obviously hasn’t learned her lesson from 2000 when she pistol whipped a woman for not making room for her and her entourage (ha!) in VIP.

Just like a…stop, I gave the word up. I’m not saying “act like a lady.” It’s more so act like you have some sense.

But since she wants to channel “Bottle Action,” maybe now she and Foxy can become pen pals.

One more thing: Is it or me is Da Brat swagger jacking Pebbles Flintstone in her mug shot?

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