Let Her Be Fine

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Some Mary J. Blige fans are no good. Since the release of “Just Fine,” I’ve been hearing everything from “I hope K-Ci calls her and asks for his pipe back” to “I want Kendu to slap her just once” with the hopes that Mary will get sad enough to drop another My Life.

Ya’ll ain’t right. Does that mean I like the song? I wouldn’t say all that, but I don’t want Mary high or Ike’d just so I can get a good album. That’s cold blooded, folk.

I have to admit, though, when I heard “Just Fine” at the club the other night I took that as an opportunity to sit down. I don’t hate it like I initially did. It’s ok, but it lacks a certain umph, like there’s something about the song that’s not doing it for me.

Maybe it’s the way Mary repeatedly says, “Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine!” like she’s trying to end an argument.

Then there’s the video:

Is she doing magic in the beginning of it? I know a few folks have cracked on her dancing. If she wants to channel Off The Wall era Mike, let her. Be nice. If nothing else, we can all agree that she looks good. That’s important. She could teach this generation a thing or two about wig rocking.

Look, I can’t say anything too bad about Mary J. Blige. Not because I’m a stan…that’s only part of the reason. A couple of years ago I had a personal interaction with her and she’s very, very, nice. So I’ll just politely say I look forward to the next single, and prompt folks to stop wishing ill on Mary so you can have a soundtrack to go with the latest person that’s pissed you off. She deserves her happiness.

Besides, we have the internet for a reason.

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