Nelly: But Halle Did It, Too!

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It’s been four years since the video release of “Tip Drill” and now Nelly wants to talk about it. I’m guessing his decision to not shut up about it now has more to do with generating buzz for the December release of his album, Brass Knuckles, than a genuine interest to engage fans and critics in an open debate over the accusations that hip hop is misogynistic and objectifies women. When you have to fish back that far to maintain some degree of relevance, there’s a problem. That’s what happens when you release bullshit like “Wadsyaname” as your lead single. The song has been met with the same amount of fanfare as the idea of a Star Jones and Al Reynolds sex tape.

His arguments on this matter have ranged from the asinine to the absurd. Now he just needs to shut up.

In an interview with SOHH, the nursery rhyme-inspired rapper argues that there is a double standard where actors can simulate sex scenes without scrutiny yet rappers are criticized for having half-naked women in their videos.

“You look at Essence magazine, and they wouldn’t put a rapper on the cover,” he told SOHH. “They wouldn’t put Nelly on the cover of Essence. Why? I don’t know. Would I like to do it? Of course I would. Why not?”

Who knew Nelly was a subscriber?

He goes on:

“You wouldn’t put me on the cover because of the ‘Tip Drill’ video … that’s probably your main focus,” he added. “But yet still, you put Halle Berry on the cover. She’s had a 15-minute sex scene with some white guy in front of a couch … I mean you can’t tell me that ‘Tip Drill’ was worse than watching that sex scene between Billy Bob (Thornton) and Halle Berry. You can’t tell me that. That was longer than four or five minutes. You feel what I’m sayin’?”

Monster’s Ball is a twisted love story about a racist white prison guard falling in love with a black woman whose husband he executed. “Tip Drill” is about ugly strippers with big asses that you want to drill with the tip of your dick, or if you interpret another way (as it’s still debated in some circles) a chick you run a train on.

Though I found the love scene between Billy Bob and Halle to be an eye and ear sore (“Do something to make me feel good” = bah), I have a hard time getting the comparison. One is a full length movie that’s not limited to sex while the other is a little over seven minutes of ass jiggling, smacking, credit card down the crack swiping fused with a repetitive chorus and cheesy grins.

Nelly says he wants to be recognized for his charitable contributions, not the images found in his videos.

“I do numerous charity events,” Nelly said. “I’ve got people signed up on the bone marrow, stem cell. I’ve got over 5,000 people registered through our not for profit and things that we’ve been able to do. We found 7 donors … for people that needed transplants. We’ve helped saved 7 lives. Period. Have you done that?”

Well band aid boy, when the seed money you earn to make these charitable contributions (which are commendable), stems from your music, why are you shocked when attention swings to it, derrty?

It’s never “I take responsibility for my actions,” it’s always, “But they did it, too!” That doesn’t work over the age of 5.

Another day, another dense.

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